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Our Path of Righteousness — 1 Comment

  1. Praise God! God bless you, Sister Reinke! This the absolute truth, in which I am found guilty of, not completely surrendering all areas of my life to God, for selfish reason. But when you love the Lord with your whole mind, heart and spirit, you don’t mind surrendering everything to him, being at peace about it. There is that area in my life of being alone since childhood, which I carried into adulthood, holding onto lust instead of true godly love, of course compromising with the devil, which is never good at any time.

    This message syncs into my spirit, which makes me guilty as charged. Jesus is working in that area of my life right now, which I am completely turning over to him, pain, frustration, anger and all. Thank you, so much for sharing the word from the Lord, which was imparted to you share a broad. God bless you, thank God, thank you!️

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