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  1. This has got to be one of the most powerful words I’ve yet read to date.
    I pray Abba Father for your Dread Champions to come forth, and that your judgements would now fall on all who stand apposed and would keep them from the Truth. And I declare that the Truth has set us Free, we are Free INDEED!!
    Thak You Abba, and thank you Priscilla, God bless your beautiful heart!!

  2. Yes.
    If someone is fully blind, they know it.
    If someone is partially blind, they may not know it.
    The danger of partial blindness is that people with partial blindness can cause partial blindness in other people.

      • People with total blindness can inform other people that they are totally blind. People with partial blindness can inform other people that they have total vision. Yes, at all levels, people who are partially blind may think that they have total vision. People with total blindness are correct. People with partial blindness are incorrect.

        This could apply to understanding. People may have partial understanding and they know that they have partial understanding. However they think that they have a greater understanding (50%) than they actually have (25%). Sorry if my expression is awkward due to disability.

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