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Out of the Wilderness Into an Oasis — 7 Comments

  1. It is starting to happen to both my son and I…after casting out our nets one more time the healing the blessings just all of a sudden started literally pouring in….it was totally God’s hand in our lives that did it….we only followed and obeyed with all our hearts and he alone accomplished it…it would take days to tell you what he has done just SUDDENLy….and he will do lt for you..keep looking for it..for it will surely happen

  2. Praise you, Abba Father. I will throw out my net of faith one more time. I believe and receive this message. I thank you and I love you. This message is meant for me.

  3. Thank you dear,Dana for this now needed message.”It is God that works all in all.”
    1cor.12:6.And the Lord Jesus also said,”….without me you can do nothing”Jn.15:5.
    Thank you for encouraging me to examine myself,whether my faith is active.
    May the Lord richly bless ,and prosper you and your family.

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