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What About The Five Fold Ministry? — 8 Comments

  1. Delighted to share! Been reading periodically for years, but first time sharing. Blessed by the platforms. I’m always mindful that while God has many who haven’t bowed to Baal…none of us have arrived, but together we walk, watch, work and of ‘course pray, as those who carry NOT a knife but the Sword! The Spirit! As iron sharpens iron.

    • You said a mouthful, MWilliams. I and so many will be blessed, I’m sure by you coming by and commenting.
      Whew, we can never bow our knee to baal!! So many do and it breaks my heart. Itlrin surely sharpens iron.  Hugs and blessings.

  2. Thank you Joyce for this balanced word from the scripture! To many are so unbalanced, either focusing completely on deliverance and healings, which is good! But with little if any teaching, or preaching? Or you will find teaching and preaching, but they don’t even lay hands on the sick? Or anoint with oil? So balance is sooo important! Thank you for this word and keep proclaiming the truth! Amen

    • Thank you Mary Murray as always.  Is that not so sad but true? There is too much inbalance in many churches. You are a true blessing. I pray all of us grow and mature in the Lord. As I often say the message always comes to me first. God bless you.

  3. Amen again! Was just studying in Colossians. Col. 1:29 “working” Strong’s #1753 His working works in us…the Bible says “mightily”. Stirred by the word you gave “fullness” – Eph.3:19 seeing the church in ALL the “fullness”, implies we could be operating in parts of His fullness. God is moving in phenomenal ways, in and through His people. Multiple and mighty blessings to you and your and your ministry!

    • Thank you again MWilliams for your comments. So solid what you spoke from the scriptures.
      I pray God bless you much in your walk with the Lord.

  4. MWilliams, thank you so for coming by again. We so all need to take the scriptures out and examine them. This scripture also just came to me as i read your comments:
    Col. 2:9 “For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.” If the church would come out of the box and be the church, it would be marvelous! We need to press into all the things of God and take restrictions and limits off Him. So many God given talents and gifts given but we must use it all wisely. Some make it about a competition spirit! God forbid!! God bless you and thank you again for stopping by.

  5. Amen. Eph.4:11…and He gave. If Christ gave it I want it! God gives gifts to the Body for His eternal purpose in the earth. Prayfully consider this, as the overall working of gifts. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit gives us gifts. Gifts given by the Father Rom.12:4,6-8 (which includes some different abilities like “leadership”, giving, and mercy) Look at our God! Gifts which we’re most familiar: The Holy Spirit 1Cor. 12:8-11 and from the Son, Eph.4:11. The church has to begin to take the limits off our God. The manifold (Strong’s #4182) wisdom of God Eph.3:10 cannot be contained, but God wants the church to know…he says; MIGHT be made know by the church for His purpose in the earth. Let’s go church!

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