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  1. God always equips His chosen servants & they do His will by the help of the Holy spirit without struggles. That’s what happened in your dreams. May God use you mightily for His kingdom purpose. Cherish, devote more time to God’s instruction & He will come in to show you great & mighty things you don’t know.

  2. Cherish, Devote time to hear God’s instruction & HE will come in to show you great & mighty things you don’t know. May HE equip & use you nightly for His kingdom purpose Amen. Thanks

  3. Isn’t He just so Gracious and Kind Deborah.
    Your such a beautiful representative. The way the Spirit describes Him through you…WOW!!
    This Word reminded me of a dream He gave me almost 20 years ago now where I was kneeling by a young boy who’s one leg was half the size of the other. I laid my hands on him to heal him when the thought came to me, “What do I say,” to which the Spirit replied, “Nothing,” and at that very moment a bolt of Electricity shot through my hands into this boy. Immediately his leg grew out…he was healed!! :D
    And in another dream I walked into a business where the young lady behind the counter was colorless, dross, and infested with shame. (Her head was hung low from the weight of it)
    I walked across the room and put out my hand and simply introduced myself, but as soon as her hand touched mine the Electricity threw us both on the floor and she was healed. In neither dream did I have to say the right words or use my flesh at all…it was His Spirit COMPLETELY!!
    He’s so good!!!
    Thank you Deborah.
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :D

  4. Thank you for this beautiful word.  So encouraging.  Confirms and brings so much comfort and assurance in what the Lord is speaking to me.

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