A series of Prophetic Words to America – Part 1


I have heard the Lord speaking to me for years about JUDGMENTS COMING UPON THE CHURCH IN AMERICA AND THE NATION.  Six months before January 1, 2010, I heard the Lord speaking about TEN YEARS OF JUDGMENT which would begin on that date (just for and to America).  At the time of his prophetic word about ten years of Judgment coming upon America I also heard him talking about PLAGUES LIKE THE PLAGUES UPON EGYPT.  He said that He would bring the CHURCH IN AMERICA OUT OF BONDAGE and told me to GO TO THE PHARAOH AND DEMAND HIM TO SET HIS PEOPLE FREE.

The Pharaoh He said was RELIGION and he then explained: The UNGODLY RELIGION WHICH PERMEATES AMERICA TODAY is seen in our Government Ideals and the Looseness and decaying morality that is sick by Biblical Standards; the Church at large in America is SLEEPING AND GOING ALONG WITH IT.  The Religion of America is MATERIALISM, HUMANISM, AND PERVERTED SEX of all sorts (and MORE).  The fact is MANY CHURCHES (NOT ALL but the majority) are doing nothing, but really truly have compromised with the evils of American Society so far that the CHURCH IS IN RUINS IN AMERICA.  The Lord sees them as SLAVES and they are BUILDING TEMPLES TO THEIR FOLLY.  The confessing Church is so worldly they have lost sight of the Spiritual and have learned a Religion without God.  Many are just playing RELIGIOUS GAMES not fully knowing what they are doing is so far from true Bible Christianity that it is simply a slap in the face of spirituality.  God has seen how the devil has TRAPPED HIS PEOPLE AND ENSLAVED THEM.  (I personally Thank God for any Church that does not presently fit this description, they are few)

He is going now to MOVE TO SET THEM FREE even as He did set the SLAVES FREE IN EGYPT.

Shortly after I heard him talking about going to the Pharaoh he put me on Television to DEMAND THE PHARAOH TO LET THE PEOPLE GO.  I was on Television for 17 months (doing just that) before he took me off to wait a SECOND TIME.  He said that the Church in America was IN BONDAGE and that they were MAKING RELIGIOUS BRICKS to build buildings to house FALSE RELIGION.  Much like the Slaves in Egypt were doing when they built the pagan temples to the gods of Egypt for some 400 years.

***(((He told me that I would be like Moses who went THE SECOND TIME (after the Pharaoh hardened his hart) and demand RELIGIOUS PHARAOH AND LEADERS IN AMERICA TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE TO GO OUT AND WORSHIP HIM.  ***( Now recently I have again heard him speak to me AGAIN ABOUT GOING THE SECOND TIME….. AND THIS TIME…  He said “Like Moses” throw down the Rod.  Warn them*** about PLAGUES COMING.  I want to write this word given to me now so you can see what He said:


I am demanding you to RELEASE THEM NOW.  They WILL NOT CONTINUE TO BUILD YOUR TEMPLES TO UNKNOWN GODS, They WILL NOT continue build your WALLS TO WORSHIP EVIL.  They WILL WALK OUT FREE and you cannot stop them.

Spoil the Unbelievers, I Will. !!!!!!!!!   You better not try to follow my People who Walk Free because I will open to them my SEA AND THEN….  THE WATER WILL OVERTAKE YOU!

I know from this word to me as a Prophet coming out of my Desert, that God will begin now to send MANY PLAGUES UPON THE CHURCH AND AMERICA until there is CHANGE and His People WALK OUT FREE.  I have watched since January 2010 as God has set the STAGES OF PLAGUES.  He has plagued this nation with EVIL LEADERS and the Leaders have only cemented their belief in HUMANISM AND MATERIALISM AND SEXUAL PERVERSION to the place that only MIRACLE PLAGUES AND SUPERNATURAL EVENTS WILL BE ABLE TO SET MEN FREE.

***WARNING: THE PLAGUES OF EGYPT 1 THROUGH 3 (the first Three) EFFECTED EVERYONE IN EGYPT..  GODS PEOPLE… AND THE EGYPTIANS.  But if you will read about the Plagues, A SEPARATION WAS MADE EVENTUALLY BETWEEN GODS PEOPLE AND THE EGYPTIANS.  The People of God in Egypt HAD TO BE AWAKENED TO BELIEVE.  They had been in bondage for 400 years.  The People of God in America’s Church WILL HAVE TO BE AWAKENED ALSO.

Again I say…..




~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey


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PLAGUES coming upon AMERICA — 1 Comment

  1. My goodness is this what I needed to hear!  My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been obsessed with the movie the Prince of Egypt and even in her’ time out’s ‘ she yells to us ‘Let My People Go!”  Besides Jesus Moses is my favorite and I have felt so sad over the ‘Church’ His Bride and morned and last week in early morning time with the Lord he surprisingly took me to the shores of the red sea and He was very somber as he is usually very joyful.  He told me this is where I first set my people free and He was very sad about what was about to come upon his people.  I cried with him and morned and was led to pray for Israel.  Then He led me to pray psalm 25 as if I was the nation herself.  I was not completely familiar with this psalm and was struck when the last sentence stated ” Oh God, ransom Israel from all its troubles.” 
    Thinking back on that I have wondered if it was also meant for “Israel the church” and after a sad day of being grieved over the spiritual state of my the church I presently attend I am relieved to hear of the coming judgments because I am so tired of these sleeping churches.  I love the church so much and want to see her wake and stand.
    Many thanks!
    Amber McLaughlin ~