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  1. My goodness is this what I needed to hear!  My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been obsessed with the movie the Prince of Egypt and even in her’ time out’s ‘ she yells to us ‘Let My People Go!”  Besides Jesus Moses is my favorite and I have felt so sad over the ‘Church’ His Bride and morned and last week in early morning time with the Lord he surprisingly took me to the shores of the red sea and He was very somber as he is usually very joyful.  He told me this is where I first set my people free and He was very sad about what was about to come upon his people.  I cried with him and morned and was led to pray for Israel.  Then He led me to pray psalm 25 as if I was the nation herself.  I was not completely familiar with this psalm and was struck when the last sentence stated ” Oh God, ransom Israel from all its troubles.” 
    Thinking back on that I have wondered if it was also meant for “Israel the church” and after a sad day of being grieved over the spiritual state of my the church I presently attend I am relieved to hear of the coming judgments because I am so tired of these sleeping churches.  I love the church so much and want to see her wake and stand.
    Many thanks!
    Amber McLaughlin ~

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