Prayer for Our Nation


Dearest Father,
Deliver our nation and forgive our sins which are many, that we may receive Your refreshing once again.
Forgive us for the violence, for the murder and hatred we have had to aliens, to strangers, and towards each other.
We have harbored evil thoughts even to our fellow Christians and our own families Lord.
We have not fed the poor as we should.
We have not housed the homeless.
We have not repaired, and bound up the wounds of the brokenhearted.
We have not cared for the widows and single mothers as we should.
We have been selfish and self-centered and fearful of losing what we have.
We have thought of ourselves as better than the rest and for this we ask Your forgiveness – for our pride and arrogance – for our thinking our ways are Your ways Father.
We have not sought you on these things.
We have chosen so many of us to ignore the plight of our brothers and sisters in other lands and our storehouses are bare.
Father forgive us, and give the money into the hands of the Josephs, who can be trusted with it – to lend and give to those who have less.
Help us to lay down our lives that we might have your LIFE again – Your LIFE living in us – being poured out to others.
Give us YOUR love for the lost.
Your love for the unlovely – those who are not like us.
Father we need Your love more than anything.
Come down Lord, rend the heavens and come down!
Help us to pour ourselves out for Your cause and to no longer try to build our own kingdoms.
Forgive us Lord for taking the Glory as our own.
Repair our hearts from the hurts and arrows thrown at us by others, even in Your flock who have disregarded us.
Father, help us to forgive as YOU forgive and to receive Your peace, Your patience and forbearance.
Give us Your heart that we might act according to Your word.
Direct our hearts into the love of God and the patience of Christ Jesus!
In the name and blood of Jesus we ask Father!


–  by Priscilla Van Sutphin

of Upstream Ministries,  California
Email: goinupstream   Donate to Upstream: via secure paypal by sending as gift to goininupstream
Or send to Upstream, PMB 545, 14311 Newport Blvd, Suite G, Tustin, CA 9278

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