Prayer for Personal Humility


Father, we love You, and in the name of Jesus, I ask you to help us to humble ourselves before you.
I ask You to break the chains of delusion, the veil of blindness off of our eyes.
I ask You to open our eyes to the condition of our hearts.
Father open every door we have shut to You Lord.
Heal our inner man till we know the length and breadth, and depth and width of the love You have for us, that we would no longer compare ourselves to others Father, and that we could be filled with the fullness of You.
Help us Lord to love one another, as You have loved us.
Help us to still our souls DAILY before you, that we could have the grace to rest at Your feet and receive from you what You need to give us Father.
Heal our hearts from the damage done in our lives to our souls, that we could walk in wholeness.
Sanctify us with Your Glory Father!
God we are desperate to receive all You have and want for us.
We turn over our control, and fears and ask You to RULE over us.
We nail them to the cross of Jesus.
We nail to the cross all pride, ego and vanity.
We nail to the cross all of the false self/me, myself and I, in Jesus’ name.
Deliver us, Oh Lord, from all evil.
Bend us Lord to Your will.
Break any chains that bind us from following Your will in our lives God.
He whom the Son sets free, is free indeed, You have said Lord.
Bring us FREEDOM Lord.
Wield Your sword against the enemy of our souls and loose us to do Your perfect will.
Conform our hearts and minds to Your’s.
In the name of Jesus, Father.
Break our hearts for the things that break Your’s Father, in Jesus’ name.


–  by Priscilla Van Sutphin

of Upstream Ministries,  California
Email: goinupstream   Donate to Upstream: via secure paypal by sending as gift to goininupstream
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