Prayer to Expose and Unravel Pedogate!


I received an email yesterday from a woman seeking help from years of abuse.

Her letter offered some insights into the life of an individual who had suffered deep injustices at the hands of those she should have been able to trust.  People who lived one way in public, but were very different in private.

People who hid their corruption and criminal activity behind their fortune but were obsessed with causing pain and suffering in the lives of others.  People who were involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse.

This woman asked me several questions.

The first was, “Where is the moral outrage for these crimes in the body of Christ?”

Good question.  Probably because it is such a horrendous thing to think about that it makes people uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable or not, this is not something that is going away.  This issue is getting worse and it deserves our attention.

Ritual abuse:  “…is methodical abuse, often using indoctrination, aimed at breaking the will of another human being.”

In a 1989 report, the Ritual Abuse Task Force of the L.A. County Commission for Women defined ritual abuse as:

“Ritual Abuse usually involves repeated abuse over an extended period of time.  The physical abuse is severe, sometimes including torture and killing.  The sexual abuse is usually painful, humiliating, intended as a means of gaining dominance over the victim.
The psychological abuse is devastating and involves the use of ritual indoctrination.  It includes mind control techniques which convey to the victim a profound terror of the cult members …most victims are in a state of terror, mind control and dissociation”

(Pg. 35-36) “Safe Passage to Healing”, by Chrystine Oksana, 1994, HarperCollins, 1-800-822-4090.

“Some secret societies allegedly practice ritual abuse.  Cults practicing ritual abuse exist as a secret society…. Secret societies compete for membership with established organizations.  Therefore, they have to offer something not accommodated by the establishment: wealth, power, fame, sex, drugs, security, promise of salvation or eternal life…. There can be secret societies within secret societies.”  (Pg. 48)

“Safe Passage to Healing.” (See Ritual Abuse)

This woman’s second question was, “Why do the police not crack down on the criminal activity?”

My only guess is that the people committing these atrocities are hiding behind wealth, power, influence and the false exterior they present to the public.

Their false persona allows them to get away with evil because they are skilled at deception.  And, finally, this woman’s last question to me: “Why does God allow satanic ritual abuse horrors?”

I’m not sure anyone has a good answer to that one, because we simply don’t always know God’s perspective on why He allows a lot of things to occur.

What I do know is that in this world we are promised troubles.  Jesus said so in John 16:33.

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

He knows that He can’t force anyone to love Him, and He didn’t want a bunch of robots, so He gave man free will.

  • Free will to choose our own path.
  • Free will to chose whom we will love, honor and serve.

Some have used their free will for evil.  God doesn’t cause evil, but He will use what the enemy meant for harm and turn it around for good.

That’s His promise found in Romans 8:28.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

Evil comes from the absence of God.  When man’s heart is turned away from God it becomes full of darkness and evil imaginations.

Those evil imaginations eventually turn to action, to be carried out against others.  This is what produces pain and suffering.

Yet, as much as we all know this in a general sense, the one thing that kept ringing in my ears as I went to sleep last night is a quote that says, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is that good men should do nothing.” (Author Unknown).

Why does this sort of evil seem to go unchallenged?  Because God has left His authority in His children.  He said quite clearly in Matthew 16:19,

“I will give you the keys (authority) of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind [forbid, declare to be improper and unlawful] on earth will have [already] been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose [permit, declare lawful] on earth will have [already] been loosed in heaven.”  (AMP Bible)

What we fail to take authority over is what will be allowed on earth.  So, if we do not wish to have this sort of thing then we must take authority over it in prayer and FORBID IT.

We do this through binding and loosing.

Then I read this:  “This is the Secret of the FBI Tweets.”   Please excuse some of the language.  Obviously, it’s written by someone else under anonymity within the FBI.

You’ve got to read through it to understand that at the bottom what is happening is the FBI is asking the public to help them find the smoking gun that will blow apart PEDOGATE, a world wide pedophile ring.

This is the world our children are forced to endure.  A world that is inflamed with lust and evil desires to take our children’s lives and abuse and misuse them at the hands of wicked, perverted individuals.


It is abuse so horrific that it can cause a person’s soul to shatter, and their personality to split.  It involves tremendous fear, torture and abuse that they cannot escape – UNLESS there is an intervention on their behalf.

If you read the link above, you will understand that this is a WORLD-WIDE PEDOPHILE RING with some very powerful, wealthy and influential people all helping one another keep their sick, perverted secrets.

While some parts of the world seek to normalize this perversion,  I, for one, am calling on those who recognize that this is not the world we want our kids to grow up in!

This is not their destiny!  Some of these children are still babies.  They have no voice, no one to protect them unless someone stands up and says “NO!”  Not on my watch!

Children are a hot commodity in the sex trade industry.  That is why so many children go missing, end up dead or forever lost.  They never come home to their families.


I felt the LORD put it in my Spirit last night that this requires specific, targeted prayer to help expose these great injustices and bring the people responsible to justice.

Children are suffering and it’s going to take the prayers of God’s warriors to help deliver them out of the hands of their wicked oppressors.  Please add your voice to this prayer declaration.

The FBI has told us exactly what is needed and this prayer is tailored to meet those needs.  Don’t let evil triumph because you choose to do nothing!  Every prayer and every voice makes a difference.


Because of the blood of Jesus, I come into the court of heaven seeking Your help.  I come before Your throne of Grace, where You have promised that I will find help in the time of need.

Father God, I petition the court on behalf of all the children and others whose voices are not being heard by the public.  I represent their voice, and I am asking for your Divine Intervention on their behalf.

Your Son, the LORD Jesus Christ, is the just Judge of all heaven and earth.  He shed His blood so that these people might be saved and delivered from evil.

He took the keys of death and hell away from Satan and gave us, Your children, the keys of authority.  Therefore, I bind up the spirits of death, hell, lust and the perverse spirit.

In the name and authority of the LORD Jesus Christ I command these spirits to be rendered paralyzed, impotent and powerless.

I release the Spirit of Truth, the Power of Might and the Spirit of Righteousness over every person, situation and collusion that holds people in captivity to evil oppressors.

I ask You to move mightily to expose those involved in the PEDOGATE pedophile ring, and all those involved in human trafficking.  I ask You to route the enemy like you routed Sisera in Judges 4:15.

Stretch out Your hand and subdue those individuals like you subdued evil kings in Judges 4:23.  Even when they try to escape, route them directly to the very place where they will encounter the person that will be empowered to take them down, in Jesus name.

Equip those You have chosen to deal with the destroyers.  Equip them to know what to do in the very moment they are presented with the opportunity.  Let them see the opportunity and seize the moment.  Show them exactly what to do so that the enemies of righteousness cannot escape, in Jesus name.

Father, send your angels to bring to light the evidence that will be so efficient that it takes down entire criminal organizations.

I ask You to bring out the evidence that is simple to present and will provide the proof that no one can argue with or deny.  Bring forth the evidence that is sufficient to prosecute, try and receive a favorable judgement that allows justice to be served.  For it is written in Luke 8:17,

“For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.”

Let the evidence be released to the front pages of the internet.  Let it be so vastly distributed that it is unable to be contained or controlled in Jesus name.  Provide the smoke cover that is needed that will allow the FBI to do its job.

I ask that you tie the evidence together between the Clinton Foundation, the pay for play, the collusion, murders, money laundering, the corruption and the ritual sexual abuse involved in Pedogate.

Let abundant evidence be brought out that meets the criteria to execute justice against those that are breaking moral, spiritual and ethical laws You established in Your word, as well as the laws of the land, in Jesus name.  For it is written in Judges 4:13,

“Then the survivors came down, the people against the nobles; the LORD came down for me against the mighty.”

I ask You also to supernaturally protect and preserve those handling the evidence, those who are handling the investigation and the evidence itself.

Let Your angels be assigned to oversee the protection of these things so that the evidence cannot be destroyed, hidden or disappear in Jesus name.

I ask you to supernaturally protect those assigned to prosecuting, investigating and collaborating on the cases that will hold people accountable and bring justice for the oppressed.

Let righteous judges who cannot be bought, bribed or intimidated oversee these cases, for Your promise to us as it is written in Isaiah 49:25 says,

“But thus says the LORD: “Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible be delivered; for I will contend with them that contend with you, and I will save your children.”

Father, I ask You to send Your angels with spiritual ropes to pull out the pillars in the Philistine house.

Let the pillars that represent kingpins in corrupt criminal organizations be pushed and pulled out of place until the entire house comes crashing down.

Stretch out Your hand, and let Your Spirit of Might be released as You did with Sampson in Judges 16:30.  Let those that represent the lords of the Philistines and all the people in the house of corruption, be brought down to nothing.

I ask You to systematically remove corrupt individuals from their seats of authority, power and influence, according to Isaiah 22:15-24.

Remove weak leaders and those that will compromise with evil for the sake of a bribe or personal gain.  For it is written in verse 19 that You will drive them out of office and You will pull them down.

I use the authority You have given me to close the door to unrighteous individuals, as it is written in Isaiah 22:22, and to also set in and establish Your choice of leadership as it is written in verses 21-23.

For it is written in Deuteronomy 16:18 – 20,

“You shall appoint judges and officers in all your gates, which the LORD your God gives you, according to your tribes, and they shall judge the people with just judgement.  You shall not pervert justice; you shall not show partiality or take a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and twists the words of the righteous.  You shall follow what is altogether just, that you may live and inherit the land which the LORD your God is giving you.”

I also declare an end to those who hold positions of authority, power and influence who practice witchcraft and rebellion to the LORD.

Let the spirits of witchcraft, lawlessness and rebellion be bound in Jesus name.  Let the Spirit of Justice, Righteousness, Humility, Grace and Repentance also be released to bring people out of darkness and into the light of Christ.

For it is also written in Deuteronomy 18:9-13,

“There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead.  For all who do these things are an abomination to the LORD, and because of these abominations the LORD Your God drives them out from before you.”

In the name and authority of the LORD Jesus Christ,

“Let the spirits known as Baal, Python, Lucifer, Jezebel, the spirit of Babylon and whoredoms, Bast, Ma’at, Nehebka, Seth, Isis, Zeus, Leviathan, Rahab, Beelzebub, Belial, Molech, Chemosh, Baphomet, Abaddon and all destroyer spirits be bound and rendered paralyzed, impotent and silenced now.  Let them be sent back to the abyss immediately in Jesus name.”

In the name and authority of the LORD Jesus Christ,

“Let the spirits known as the Grand Master, Hiram Abiff and the Great Architect of the Universe, the Worshipful Master, Jobulin, Osiris, Mohammed, Allah, and the spirits known as ‘the ruling masters’ be bound and rendered paralyzed, impotent, silenced and sent back to the abyss now in Jesus name.”

In the name and authority of the LORD Jesus Christ,

“Let every name by which demonic spirits are known, including Satan in every form and by every name, be bound and rendered powerless, silenced, impotent and paralyzed now in Jesus name.”

I command them to yield and submit to the name that is above them, the name of El Elyon, the MOST HIGH GOD, and the name that has already defeated them; the name of Jesus Christ.

For it is written in Philippians 2:10,11 that,

“Every knee shall bow, of things of heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is LORD, to the glory of the Father.”

In every place where a binding spell has been cast over the FBI, law enforcement officials, secret service agents and those appointed to bring forth justice, I command those powers to be broken now in Jesus name.

For it is written, Father, in Your book of the law in Leviticus 19:31 where You said, “Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I [am] the LORD your God.”

It is also written in Luke 4:8, “Get thee behind me Satan, for it is written thou shall worship the LORD thy God and Him only shall thy serve.”

It is also written in 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power, love and self-control.’

Let all binding curses, and curses sent to hinder, halt, disrupt and destroy justice and righteousness be broken now in the name of Jesus Christ.

Let the Spirit of Liberty be released upon them now to set them free.  I break the power of all mind blinding spirits in Jesus name.

I command all spirits of Chaos, Disorder, Fear, Control, Manipulation, Pride, Rebellion, Lying Spirits, Divination, the anti-Christ Spirit, the Perverse Spirit, and the Spirit of Whoredoms to be bound, paralyzed, rendered impotent and silenced now in the name and authority of the LORD Jesus Christ.

I release the name of El Shaddai and Jehovah Nissi over the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

I declare that they are victorious over all the power of the enemy in whatever form or fashion it tries to manifest, in Jesus name.  For it is written in Isaiah 40:29 that You give strength to the weary, and again in Isaiah 41:10 it is written,

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

I pray for Your supernatural protection upon those in the FBI and law enforcement that will enable them to carry out their responsibilities without fear of being burned or otherwise destroyed.

I ask for Your angels to be released to provide help in their time of need.  Make them invisible and untouchable to those that would try to harm them.

Let all those with evil intentions be bound in Jesus name.  I bind the spirit of retaliation, vengeance and murder in Jesus name.

Let those who are honorable and walk in integrity know they have Your help and protection I pray, O God.

Father, I thank You for hearing this petition.  I thank You for acting swiftly to bring the oppressed out of bondage and into a place of safety.

I thank You for releasing Your power and Your might to the FBI that will empower them to bring justice for the oppressed and execute Your righteous judgment against workers of iniquity and evil.  In Jesus’ Name,  amen.


~ Laura Gagnon

Laura GagnonLaura Gagnon is a woman who has been blessed with the gift of understanding God’s restorative work through her own personal experience.  Through her insights and revelation, God has led her to influence many individuals into a restored relationship with Jesus Christ.  She is a woman who stands on the promises of God, encouraging others in an elevated expectation of the miraculous and declares the gift of His life.  Laura is the author of Healing the Heart of a Woman and writes for her blog, Beyond the Barriers.

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Prayer to Expose and Unravel Pedogate! — 5 Comments

  1. WOW and very very good article !!! I pray and declare with you, precious sister !
    It’s not only abould child abuse. The whole mindcontrol strategy, all those hidden satanic operations worldwide, the manipulative agenda and industry must break down !!!

  2. Thank you Laura Gagnon. I said your prayer aloud in the privacy and silence of my own home. I know in my heart that I was led to find this prayer so I can agree with you, Marion Karola and everyone else who finds it, in the Name of Jesus Christ, that God our Father in His Holy Spirit will answer this prayer Amen.

  3. Why does God “allow” evil things?

    The now existing world and time is the last kingdom of the Devil’s – Hades’- kingdom.  This whole world is cursed and under God’s wrath (indignation)

    “the Devil having brought him up to an high mountain, shewed to him (in chronological order) ALL the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. Luke 4:5

    ” and then I saw (the last horse)a pale horse ( spiritual force), and he who is sitting upon him his name is Death, and Hades doth follow with him, and there was given to them authority to kill, over the fourth part(the last part of all the times) of the land with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and by the beasts of the land. Rev.6:8

    “those sitting in a region and shadow of death light arose to them. Matt.4:16

    “I have the keys of the hades and of the death. Rev.1:18

    ” an evil time it is. Amos 5:13

    “for a time of evil it is. Mika 2:3

    “therefore, ye (You!)being evil Matt.7:11

    “and any curse there shall not be any more Rev.22:3

    God says to Daniel that the end of times is the time of the indignation. We are living in this time of indignation, the kingdom of death.

    “the sin (from the beginning of times) having been perfected, doth bring forth death James 1:15

    Understand, son of man, for at the time of the end is the vision Dan.8:17

    “I am causing thee to know that which is in the latter end of the indignation Dan.8:19

    za‛am – zah’-am

    From H2194; strictly froth at the mouth, that is, (figuratively) fury (especially of God’s displeasure with sin): – angry, indignation, rage

    I will encourage those who reads this that the Lord spoke to me some years ago and said that the evil one only has a short time.

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