Trust Me ~ Put Your Faith in Me!


As I was led of the Holy Spirit to the book of 2 Kings 4 about “The Widow’s Oil” being multiplied, the LORD started to deal with me.

What do you have stored up that you think is not enough or not good enough for God to use?  With God all things are possible.  Is there anything hard for the LORD?

The Spirit of the LORD says,

“I AM the God of all flesh.  Trust Me, put your faith in Me.

You don’t see how it will work.  Remove Me from your box and I will show you just how.

Stop limiting My abilities to take care of and provide for you.  You see the Lilies of the field, they toil not, yet they are clothed in splendor.

Come, let Me expand your mind, let Me enlarge your territories and borders.  Seek Me, let Me show you just what I can do.  

You’ve been under bondage so long and limited in your capacity to understand the vastness of My provisions and capabilities.  But it shall be no more!

I have called you out of your prisons that you may lend and not borrow, that you may give to nations, that they may know I AM your God and Father and I care for my own.

Child, now is the time of such a manifestation, for the wealth of the wicked is indeed your inheritance for the earth is mine and all its fullness and you are my righteous seed and heir.

Come, let Me give you strategies to gain wealth and honor you truly deserve for you’ve suffered and yet proven worthy to receive.

Child, from Me comes knowledge of witty inventions and ideas.  For I give the desires and birthing of such.

Be still and know I AM your God and nothing is impossible with Me.”

Abba is unlimited in supply, more than able to far above what you and I can think or even imagine.


~ Syreeta Thomas

Syreeta ThomasSyreeta Thomas



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Trust Me ~ Put Your Faith in Me! — 2 Comments

  1. Dear blessed one thank you for these words from the throne of God.But I would like to let you know this year has been quite a struggle.I often read this site daily.But since a tragedy in the beginning of the year I had not been on.In a moment of weakness crying out to God he lead me to kingdom prophecy again as I read your article that day it was lifting so I was led to go back to your other articles and there it was “HOLD YOUR PEACE” since I have put it in favorites to read daily.Thank you and thank God

  2. Awesome, Words, Spoken unto me this very day, Father God. Rejoicing unto you Almighty One, As you have Spoken it to be, be thou unto me. I fully do Receive it, for it is a sure word indeed. Yes, Manifestations, of your Glory, Shall be seen upon me. The Wealth of the wicked, is indeed my inheritance, Shall be handed over to me, for it is a Righteous thing, laid up for me. I await the fulfillment of All you have Spoken unto me, for it is my set time of Promotion, Favor, Favor, Increase, Divine intervention, to be a blessing unto others, A year’of the Greatest outpouring of the Harvest, for the fields are ripe, to gather all unto the hands for your people, who are chosen for such a time as this. Glory, to you Almighty One. I love you. I Honor you. I give thee thanks and Highest of Praises. Worthy are you, to be Praised and Adored. Thank you Jesus !!!!!!!!!

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