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  1. The greatest thing about your posting all this, and other things you have posted about being exposed to the new age movement, is the education that is so badly needed about the supernatural.  I found myself in a new age meeting 25 years ago and had no idea I was in the presence of false prophets.  They preached about Jesus, but said bad things were the dark side of God…..and you are alright right where you are, even if you are up to your eyeballs in sin…God knows all about it. They sang a song, “I find no fault in you, I only see what He allows me to, I find no fault in you, for I see you through the eyes of love”.  I was already a Christian, but thought if it was supernatural, it was God!  Then I heard one of them say, “the budda mind and the Christ mind is the same thing”.  Thank God I knew better than that and left never to return. The next thing I heard was one of them prophesied in the voice of her dead friend.  Not long after, a couple of years or so I believe, they both died.  All if this took place in a small church in a small comunity in Alabama.  I’ve been able to warn a couple of people since then.  I thought sure the ministers in the churches would find out and start exposing it from the pulpit…not so, but here comes Oprah.  Thank you for making no ifs, ands or buts about it all!  As you made clear, there’s all sorts of deception out there.  People like me need to get ready!

  2. Thank you Priscilla, this prayer should be used by all God’s children regularly during these times.  We are at war!  Our freedoms are truly at stake.  God bless.

  3. God bless you, Sister in Jesus Christ! I appreciate this post, because not many speak on what is going on behind the scenes, that we must get involved spiritually and once we receive the Salvation of the Lord and all that he has done, it does not end there, we have not arrived at the finished line, we must be like David in the bible and following many other examples, as in Revelation chapters 1-3, Jesus is speaking to the churches of this age, that they must remain with a repentant heart, hot, not cold or lukewarm in spirit, in the Holy Spirit. It is a spirit of pride, amongst other spirits that makes us not feel as though we are included in remaining repentant before God, but as long as we are living in the flesh, having a heart that is not always filled with the fruits of the spirit, we must always examine our heart daily, assuring it lines up with the Word of God, through the Holy Spirit. Many have only touched the surface of tapping into the understanding of God’s Word,with what the Spirit of the Lord is speaking loud and clear. When we remain humble, meek, with a repentant heart, Jesus can use us mightily, because we remain at a place in him, where we do not allow pride to keep us from remaining lowly in him. God bless everyone!❤️

  4. It is amazing to me that almost all of the visible church in this country is by far walking in lies and untruths more.then those even in the world in fact there is almost no difference. And yet they expect the so called bad people to repent. Unless the church cleans up there act or changes like walking in love with one another and not hating one another for the tiniest difference in theology and most of that is false. I hear so much talk about sin and almost nobody who believes that it really was done away with at the cross. Some things to think about.

  5. Amen and Amen!!
    Bless your beautiful heart Priscilla!!
    I heard a short-while back, a testimony from a Forerunner, about a Spirit-led encounter she had with about 20 men filled with 40 generations of voodoo. She was completely surrendered to Yeshua and by His Power was led to speak, Spirit to Spirit, 4 small (GINORMOUS) Words, and those Words were, “Let There Be Light.” The first man, of about 6’7″, was blown backwards about 6 feet. She went on to the next man, but before she uttered a Word the first man jumped to his feet, ran back up to her and put his face in hers, and she simply said again, “Let There Be Light,” at which point he began to weep like a lost child…finally found.
    I believe the final veils are being removed from the Elect at which point the Center-out Reflection of the Image of our Maker will turn even the most hard-hearted sadistic children back to their true identity, reflected in His Image…HALLELUJAH!!

  6. Praise God! Amen! God bless you, beloved and faithful sister in Jesus Christ our Lord! I thank God, for your sincere prayer of mighty warfare and sharing God’s infallible Word! I extend the sincere Love of Jesus Christ, standing in the gap with you, praying others will do so as well, praying fervently for God to intervene, allowing the Holy Fire, in the Holy Spirit to interrupt the plans and agenda of the adversary, a mighty and marvelous work, from God who is divine in all of his ways.️❤️

  7. WOW ! What a great work you have done for the flock ! Thank you !
    A few weeks ago I’ve read in a secular telegram publication, how a desperate woman suggested, it would be good to ask the dead ancestors… Though it is a channel for Covid and vaccine informations and the worldwide resistance against forced injections that will sooner or later lead to the microchip and total control and slavery, some there give extra spiritual advices like trusting the astronomy and astrology and other esoteric stuff. When you come with Words of GOD and JESUS CHRIST, it is an offense for many, but not for all. I replied to her comment, that it is not good in sight of GOD to ask dead people for help. She replied publically, that it was not meant so serious…I left that forum. There is no forum I have been attending where I did not spread the Holy Words of GOD and I know when it is time to leave.  Informations what’s truly going on is ok, but Godless discussions are not our goal. Sister Priscilla, your declaration and prayer is a powerful weapon against the confusion and danger in the world. I am sending you comfort and blessing with Psalm 91.

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