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Pray for the Nation of Singapore!  His Lion City! — 4 Comments

  1. When I was outside the Jackson Hole, Mississippi, having my quiet time one morning, The LORD told me that there were only 5 more years for the USA. ( This was about 3 years ago.) The warring nations are waiting to annihilate each other, but the LORD Jesus Christ is holding them back. until the right time.  Lately, GOD has shown me that President Trump will be like an ” emperor “who has influece over many countries. This is a time of peace, the PEACE before the STORM. All hell is going to break loose, after President Trump and the Christians go uo to heaven and the Rapture. We have a very short time.

  2. I agree Singapore had a call to be the Antioch of Asia. Missions have gone out from Singapore to affect the world. But, things are bad now. The people, who had once put GOD above everything else, had now been pressured to obey the Government and Confucianist thoughts, had now decided to put Government and Chinese thought above GOD. The love that Singapore had for GOD has now now grown cold. They have decided to have peace with the Government and ‘fill their bellies” above their love for Christ. The LORD spoke to me a ew days ago, and said: ” SINGAPORE HAS SOLD ITS BIRTH-RIGHT.’ GOD’s FAVOR has left Singapore. I believe Singapore will go though hard times unless the Christians repent.

  3. Yes, God has placed His signet ring in Singapore.
    His glory will arise upon her with a rich anointing of His power and Holy Spirit.
    Many nations will see her light and will come to her rising.
    Many nations will benefit and be blessed by her anointing.

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