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Prepare a Landing Strip! — 26 Comments

  1. “And when my fires of purification fall…come forth from the furnace as pure gold.” 2 Thess. 2:8. This radiant glory will destroy “that wicked” from the midst of the Church making her without spot or wrinkle. Amen.

  2. Interesting that long forgotten places are mentioned for in one of the prophecies I have received about a future ministry, God told me that I would be sent to some out of the way places.
    The plane crash landed in the middle of a busy highway, possibly meaning His glory will come to busy places and bring normal activity to a temporary halt while it is processed by the population.
    That it is coming very soon is really exciting.

  3. Bus 99, Psalm 99:1-5. Landing right in the middle of the dual carriageway, all traffic, all eyes will see and hear Him when He lands in the middle, yellow, a sign of faith, joy,hope, God’s glory, God is the Holy Spirit, landing.

  4. The God of the impossible He’s amazing and always on time I get so excited at these times and every generation has said He is coming soon but now He really is

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