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Prepare for a Turn Around NOW — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you very much for the word!  It is so, so appropriate. It was like you were writing this entire article for me. I used to wonder if I will ever come out of my present situation and you said the time is NOW!! I believe and receive it. Thank you Jesus!

  2. Amen amen amen, this season has been so tough GOD has been confirming and confirming his word and I said LORD but it hasn’t manifested as yet, I’m tired and exhausted I don’t think I have the strength to push anymore,Doubts started to arise in my heart but I know that was the enemy trying to make me believe that others are receiving their breakthrough but GOD has forgotten me, That is a Lie!! GOD is TRUE TO HIS OWN WORD!!! THANK you for this word I RECEIVE IT IN JESUS NAME!!!

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