Presenting ourselves before others

4 Words in 1


Don’t loose your own identity!

I am seeing something very disturbing that is occurring and some are so blind until they don’t recognize what is happening to them.  I’m watching as people connect to different ones and as they are interacting with them they begin to evolve into them.  I’m watching even their speech become like theirs, they take on their mannerism, they take on their character.

They like who and what they like and they dislike who and what they dislike.  They minister even pray like them.  They start dressing and fixing themselves up like them.  The shadow spirit, the mimic spirit, the puppet spirit has overtaken them and they are not aware that they have changed into the person.

It’s frightening to see someone become a clone as they lose their identity and become a replica (reproduction) of someone else and they don’t recognize that they have been consume by someone else life and lifestyle.  Some people need to really go to the mirror spiritually and naturally and see the reflection that is looking back. Is it you or somebody else that you are seeing?

Resurrection Time

Some of you are in your resurrection time.  Look for a transition to occur and get ready to recover spiritually and naturally!

God is about to thrust you forward in time to receive now what the enemy tried to delay until later through distractions!

The anointing shall fully overtake you to do the work that you have been called into.  Some of you because of different things that occur had some areas spiritually that seem to have died but God is waking them up once again and the anointing and gifts that were dormant are being resurrected.

Gifts shall become operable because the move of God is going forth now in the earth.

Watch the salvation healing deliverance supernatural miracles and blessings that shall occur! It’s resurrection time are you ready for a God to breathe life into you once again!

I’m living in the overflow of His presence and glory!

Presenting ourselves before others

Men and Women of God we must be very careful of how we present ourselves before the people.  We are suppose to be mature and have discipline about ourselves.

When we get to the point that as a leader we are attacking people verbally or our actions display attributes that are ungodly and out of character with the word of God then we need to go back to the altar and allow God to work on our flesh some more.  If we are praying and fasting and in the word as we say, then our flesh should not be overriding our spirit.

How can we lead the people, when they see us going off wanting to fight and in some cases fighting arguing and fussing and cussing at each other?

How are we looking in the eyes of the sheep that are under our care?

How are we leading them in righteousness with unrighteous behavior?

When you can just snap at a moments notice and you say you full of the Holy Spirit something is wrong.  The Spirit of God will check you immediately from a unrighteous thought so that you won’t act on it.

How, as a leader, are you going around giving everybody a piece of your mind?  As leaders, we should be able to speak without strife.

I can address a situation without losing my composure without raising my voice without getting out of character.  Maturity in the Spirit teaches you how to address issues without losing your dignity and honor.  The Spirit of The Lord will hold you in check if you have learned to let Him be in control.

I can address an issue in authority and no nonsense, without ever being dishonor to my position with God or in His Kingdom.  One thing as a leader, we don’t have to address everything.  God allows us to speak when necessary and then there are times He says I got them I will deal with this one, because they cross the boundary and He knows that if you deal with it a fleshly moment is coming up so to keep you from being dishonored, He shuts your mouth and causes you to hold your peace.

The wisdom of God, which is a attribute of His Spirit, teaches you how to handle any situation.  The problems arise when we begin to get in our flesh, and become offended because of what they are saying or doing.

Three things I definitely will defend, are my God and His Word.  I won’t back down when He gives me something for the Body of Christ.  And the good thing is, years of experience have taught me how to negotiate a godly truce without compromising, and how to navigate in the Spirit, when I’m dealing with a person who loves to debate, and stir up strife and arguments.

Knowing how to be directed by the Spirit of God, will keep you from having to have to repent to The Lord for acting unseemly, openly repenting for wrong actions toward your brothers and sisters and to have to rebuild your reputation and honor among the church and the world.

There are times of privacy and then there are times you have to openly rebuke.  Either way, both should be done in the Spirit of God, always honoring our Father in ever action and word.  Much love and the next time you want to go off and give somebody a piece of your minds, or act unseemly and disruptive and ugly know God is taking notes of every deed that we have done in this body!

What will you see if He had to replay your actions right now?

Warfare WE created!


Sometimes the warfare we are fighting is the warfare we created.  If we keep our mouth off of other people, keep our hands off of other people’s stuff, and keep our nose out of other people’s business, and stop trying to get in other people lanes, many times we would not have a enemy or a hater.

Some of the things we are going through are a reaping what you have been sowing experience.

Some don’t realized that what you did to others in their ministry how you treated them how you talked to them how you created trouble for them is going to show up in somebody else in your own personal ministry.  Sometimes you need to see and feel how you mistreated somebody else.

It’s funny how the same thing you put somebody else through now you can’t take it yourself.  Never do what you don’t want done back to you!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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