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President Trump and the Laughing Hyenas — 5 Comments

  1. That was a very inspiring word of encouragement. Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world. God shall utterly destroy the strong bulls of Bashan.

  2. The headline for this message reminded me of the film the Lion King. Praying and believing that President Trump will take his rightful place as ‘the Lion King’ for another term.

  3. Beautiful!  Thank you!  Three times YeHoVaH has spoken to me through His Word about the breach planned for this nation will not stand- Oct. 10, Nov 4 and 14.  It also involves a Daniel fast that God called me to exactly 21 days before the election.  It has been hard to wait but so wonderful to hear so prophetic voices calling out to stand strong in prayer in the Spirit as we watch to see what God will do.  Thank you again!  The Word you gave was uplifting and gave great hope (tikvah!)

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