Prophecy: Partial View into Kenyan Elections

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Prophecy: Partial View into Kenyan Elections

In the coming few days, the LORD will allow me to share and expose some of the things that concern the coming elections.

And this is not to scare anyone or attract political persuasion or influence.

Prophecy is for the church and the saints called by God’s name can literally run with the word prophecy in prayer and go into the LORD’s repentance and pray.  We are at crossroads where the Nation is faced with challenges and we need redemption by the hand of God.

The LORD has shutdown the rains, also, famine is eating the nation.  Some parts of the nation worse than the others hit by drought.

We are going into Elections with these conditions.  And they are warning signs.

God telling us we need his help and hand of deliverance, only the LORD can Lead the nation and restore her to her destined purpose.  And we wont do that by politics and politicians.

We know that we are not exempted and NOT respected above the other Nations.  God is not respecter of anyone.

Kenya needs the LORD, the LORD, probably may not need Kenya.  It us, we need God, the LORD God of Israel.  Never will He yield to the doubting and blackmail, the contradiction of wavering between other gods as we see, where other gods are exalted at par with Jehovah Adoni.

Christians know that God is a jealousy fuming God.  I do not know about other religions.  Saints know.  We are just a graced nation, grafted into the plans by election of this nation and by same election another Nation better than us can be selected instead to be the springboard.

Now this day, around 3:00 p.m., the LORD brought a glimpse of what he is talking about.  In the dream of last night, the day is 25th June 2017, i slept and the LORD took me to a place, a place clearly marked out.  i see a place A, but I also saw place B.

Then as i was in the place, that place I was, standing on the other side, then I saw people, many people surging to this other place that they were not permitted to move into.

Now I also saw another leader, political leader of the other side.  Then i saw people being shot at and i saw them fall.

They are fell by security people.  And that happened in the dream, i saw it.

Now this figure I am talking about, this leader becomes very frustrated in the dream.  Something happens that I can not share yet.

Anyway, where I was in the dream of the last night, I realized that the weather changed and it became dark.  I dodged the scene of chaos and i started moving on the Land, to the other side that is when I realized it had become dark, dull, tensed and also scary.

So I think God is warning us today, He is alerting us to look into near future.

And probably saying, it is going to be tension on the land.  Yet, he has promised deliverance.  But He is also exposing the few scenarios for prayer that Kenya may continuously humble and pray and turn.

This should not scare anyone the LORD has revealed to redeem.

I have seen ahead how desperately Kenya need the LORD, when we started praying for this election back in 2014, the LORD was moving us for this future and many people praying and many more should join and be part of wonderful prayers and sincerely repentance.

May God bless Kenya .

Kenya: Prayers and Fasting!

Kenya you need to invest in prayers and fasting, you ought to have prayed and fasted for salvation of the Nation.

A time will come soon that Kenya will need the LORD more than their political tribesmen.

And you know the crossroad.  You know where He meets with you in reality, where their is nowhere to run to.

Kenya and Needed Repenting

Even without this Election, Kenya still needed to repent.

It is sad after we have been exposed and worried about our own future that’s the time we wake from sleep and realize fire can burn.

Those who hate repentance are now back to it, but after that it will be business as usual, living contrary to the fruit that repentance produce.

Repentance is the right thing to do every other time but but but…. our God cannot be mocked.

Kenya woke up and realized it has no fruits to show before Jehovah and repentance here today is nothing more than wailings and empty words in pleading with him to shutdown fires we created.

It is not that we did not know we needed God and we needed to demonstrate his love.  We just buried our head in the sand and groped back to our filth.

Again, do not get me wrong, I only question what how much we have been able to accomplish in returning to God before we woke up to elections.

The truth is we have not been looking good Kenya.  The church harboured tribalism, sin and corruption and transgressed between elections only to realize she has not been the best bride at a time she needs her Groom’s validation( but it is not too late ).

As faithful as Jehovah is… He will answer our cry, maybe not in terms of having met repentance threshold, graciously instead, mercifully consider us in our style of desperation in thinking of him this time of need.

However, after this, we as a Church have work to do.


~ Prophet Peter Odhiambo

Peter OdhiamboProphet Peter Odhiambo of Heart Revival Network International, Kenya is a Prophetic End-Time Minister of the Gospel, preaching in Crusades and open air Revival meetings. The LORD continues to show him the apostasy in the Church and the need to prepare the Bride, fit for the Wedding of the Lamb, as in Revelation 19:7-8.

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