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  1. I know that not so many people believe in End-time and Rapture. I would not blame anyone who doesn’t – just as I do not also believe in any other God aside Jesus. However, I owe you the gist of the visions God has shown me over time. I will share just three of them. They are in no precise order but these visions are true.

    I had a vision of rapture and everywhere was scattered and in great chaos. I saw people running here and there, including myself. I didn’t even have a destination – I was just seeking a place of rest and refuge. Then in my quest for safety, I ran into one of my elder brothers but we didn’t have time to talk as he was also running for safety. As he was departing, he called my name and said ‘please make sure you don’t receive the mark’. Then I woke up.

    I served in Enugu State. At a time in my sleep inside my small, hot but big room – I saw the heavens opened, and I saw Jesus Christ in the sky. Oh! I remember that feeling. Sincerely, I can’t still find anything comparable to that great feeling that engulfed me as I began floating upwards towards Jesus. There was an extremely certain aura of peace around Him. As I moved up closer to Him, I kept my face up to continually behold Jesus while I enjoyed the peace that comes with meeting Him (I can’t sell that feeling for anything in this world – permanently irreplaceable). As I moved closer, I saw reddish spots on His hands and feet (caused by the nails at His crucifixion) and I looked down and saw many people on earth but I just didn’t mind. In the middle of my pleasurable flight, my colleague/’corper-neighbor’ yelled out my name from his room. He called out – ‘brossss eeeeeeehhh’. At that moment, a force beyond my imagination drew me back into my body. I could remember telling my friend never to disturb my sleep again. I joked about calling him enemy of progress.

    A whirlwind blew and suddenly gathered every human being on earth together. Whether anyone wanted to join the assembly or not was not a consideration. No one had the luxury to make a choice . Afterwards, I saw a big hand – indescribably big – giving something to every human, who had by then formed a very long queue. Then, I heard a loud and clear voice that corresponds with the activities of the big hand. The voice either said ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ as the big hand gave out what looked like rewards to everyone (into everyone’s hands). The process was so fast that turns were taken in a moment till it got to my turn and was given my reward as well. Then I woke up.

    There are some end-time revelations I might not like to share here because I would unavoidably have to mention names. I enjoin you all to see life beyond the present. Hold fast onto what you believe. If you know Jesus Christ already, re-assess your salvation and top up the oil in your lamp. If you do not know Him yet, Oh Lord! There is still time as you read this. Truth is heaven and hell are as real as life and death. No one knows the time when He shall come. It may be tomorrow or another decade. It may as well be this day. The best choice a man can make is not the choice of his career or spouse, but the choice of where to spend his eternity.

    For you, following Jesus may be a difficult choice to make at this time in your life, or you might feel Jesus failed you when you needed Him. Truth is He never fails – He comes through for us just at the perfect time according to His will. As a newly-saved, Jesus would be glad to bring you into His arms, and a repentant child who once knew Him, I assure you He is more than glad to tell you ‘Welcome Home’.

    If you are not saved, was once saved or you are not sure of your salvation, you could say this very short but important prayer, and the Heavens would rejoice at your salvation

    ‘Lord, Jesus, thank you for this opportunity of life. I acknowledge I have made mistakes but I have now chosen to follow you, serve you and call you my Lord and God, forever. I repent of all my sins and I dedicate (or re-dedicate) my life to you. Please wash me in your blood. I ask that you write and retain my name in the Book of Life. Amen’.

    If you said that prayer, I am most glad to welcome on board.


  2. Thank you very much Liz! God bless you and your family and please don’t stop warning the world. Yes it’s the END TIME for we can “sense” it in our spirits.

  3. *Sincerely, I don’t think we still have 20 years more to spend here on Earth.
    That false prophet is already here making way for the antichrist who is here already here on Earth too.

    By 2020, One world Religion Treaty will be signed at Peace Palace Holland by world Religious leaders.

    By 2020, many nation’s will start Cashless society policy which shall be a precursor for the 666 system.
    No more time my friends.*

  4. Our only help n security now is in Jesus and our ability to hear n obey the Holy Spirit. Destruction is already upon the earth and with each passing days its going to increase in intensity. Only them with PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD WILL STAND.I have received a very long message of warning from the Lord i can’t type the whole of it in SMS.Let’s PRAY N SEEK GOD NOW MORE THAN EVER.GOD IS ALLOWING THIS TO WAKEN UP HIS SLUMBERING CHURCH

  5. Thank you child of God, I am very encouraged. This confirms the restatement of our assembly’s vision and nission statements that are anchoring on holiness, fruitfulness and heaven-readiness. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for sharing. You have confirmed what I have been concerned about as it pertains to the legal framework being implemented under the name of AML/CFT statutes and regulation in my country.

    The AML/CFT control systems are being put in place to combat money laundering among other things but the application of these regulations is onerous for ordinary people. While they are supposedly put in place to catch the ‘bad guys’ or ‘bad gals’, the system is heavily restricting. It is onerous for those who have to use financial and quasi-financial or associated services as customers. It is onerous and costly to implement if you are a sole trader or small business that must apply the regulations to your customers.

    The AML/CFT framework appears to take away the presumption of innocence making you forced to comply or else be stopped from functioning as a member of society. The fines are very hefty.

    These statutes and regulations have been brought into my country’s system of laws due to international mandate. Should a small country like mine refuse to implement these measures we run the risk of being black listed by international organisations and other countries. Blacklisting means that our economy may be crippled at best or destroyed at worst. Given the wide spread belief that these measures are considered good, the usual democratic processes would be insufficient to prevent the passing of such legislation, even if we felt that it seriously breached rights to property and privacy, among other individual rights.

    It is worth looking at the laws in this area (AML/CFT) in your particular country to understand what is happening. It extends beyond information required for bank transactions, depending on your country , there may be limitations as to the amount of cash you can have that is ‘unaccounted for’ at home. In addition, there may be legislation in place for the state to seize your property where you have been charged of being involved in criminal activity. In my country such legislation has been passed, we were sold the idea that such legislation was intended to treat with organised crime, however the 1st attempted application of this was to use it against perceived political opponents who were charged with crimes on evidence that i thought was questionable. Those cases are before the courts.

    My hope is that Christians would begin to seek the Lord on how to live in these times. The economic structures described in your dream are already being implemented.

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