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Prophetic Message: Fireballs & the Rapture — 36 Comments

  1. I am so glad to find this page or blog. This is a huge blessing to me because for a while now, I have been feeling like the voice of one crying in the wilderness, “Prepare the way of the Lord.” Just as I was sent to do, following a series of visions & dreams, I have been declaring that JESUS is Coming; therefore people should repent & get ready.
    So this site with it’s messages & comments have really encouraged me to understand that I am not alone in this assignment. God bless you all. By His grace let us faithfully continue publishing the Coming of the Lord and warning men to repent & be READY.

  2. I had a 90 mins revelation today between 1:30-3:00pm.
    “I was walking past some dead bodies which raised-up their heads; and that scripture came to me that the the living will not prevent the death but the dead will rise first 1 Thess 4:15 and I saw the dead bodies raise-up their heads… on the other hand I saw some people I recognised as not dead but sleeping.
    About the same time there arose a ferocious wind which suck some of those sleeping into a bottomless pit while me and the children with me and some other people ran towards a very house beautiful in front of us… I was very scared and wondered if we would make it to the house before the destructive wind get to us.
    Thankfully as we got close a man in blue civilian defence uniform came and ushered me into the house while the children went ahead into the beautiful. (End of Revelation)
    We thank God for help and mercy and victory. We encourage sleeping believers to rise up and look unto Jesus and be saved from the terrible hands of satan and his evil eternal judgement.

  3. A true word. Thank you.The church has not come back to the true original Sabbath. Too busy making money having fun and getting ahead on Saturday. Beginning Gen 2:2-3 and ending at Rev22:14 in a true bible God gave his commandments not to save us but to indicate our need for a savior. Why would Jesus tell us to pray that our flight would not be on a Sabbath in Matt24:20 if his followers would not still be conscience bound to observe the Sabbath which was then and still is Saturday and would thus be unable to travel and escape from what was happening. As an older person having seen so many great preachers and moves of God filling stadiums and churches all over America, I can see that God in his mercy was giving revival to a Sabbath disobedient church and his long suffering grace and mercy has begun to ask the church to become fully obedient. Beyond even Luther,Calvin in their restoration of Roman Catholic Sunday worship heresy.What is the least commandment we have all been guilty of breaking Matt 5:19 and context following? Sabbath. Twenty eight places in the new testament refer to the 10 commandments not to save us but to teach us our need of a savior; Jesus on the cross. We all know we can’t lie, steal,kill,covet,dishonor our parents continually,etc and expect Heaven. A similar clue as to how far we have fallen is in how similarly we have broken the commandment against adultery with our easy divorce and renarriage.

  4. Yes it’s true I’ve also had a dream many years ago I’m living in a foot of a mountain and saw big balls of fire hanging just on the level of the mountains peak and some are below halfway and I remembered running away with the fireballs but it seems to coming after me and I woke up from my dream.
    God is always speaking to all of creation.

  5. The fireballs you are seeing are not meteors. It’s Plasma. That’s what will burn the Earth. Everything in the universe is connected by electricity and magnetism. You don’t want to get caught up in the Rapture. When enough pressure releases from volcanoes and earthquakes our dome that God created to protect us will break open for a short time. The waters above will hit the northern hemisphere and the hail that is so great in the Bible will fall as well. When the dome is open there will be nothing keeping you (people, animals, and anything not strongly rooted into the Earth will “Go Up!!” If you don’t get killed in the sky you will die when the dome closes and you plummet back to Earth!! This is no joke!! The smart ones will survive and have heaven on Earth. Be prepared. Don’t get caught up when the dome breaks. I’m doing my best to spread this information. It’s coming. Be ready and be survivors.

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