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Prophetic Message: Fireballs & the Rapture — 37 Comments

  1. I am so blessed with message it’s true were truely in the last days. Where many people are not settle in their mind, we have forgotten the way of God as our fathers did. And is exactly now end time that we believers we need to raise up again before Christ come to take his own church.

  2. Yes this vision is so real when I see what is happening around us..the word said we will be in the days of Lot so we are…saints get ready for the coming of our Lord..

  3. I too have felt the pressure of something so impending…the world has shown evidence of every word the Lord wrote to us about. There are times His coming seems so tangible. Our wake up call is past. We now as the body of Christ take hold of the horns of the alter and pray for the unsaved and the kingdom to advance….just like he said it would…

  4. Jesus is truly coming I have 3 dreams this last yr. 1.I was walking behind king David who was behind Jesus along a creek I woke up.2nd dream a large dusty field people were running to a black horse who was killed by red horse.I jumped on a white horse to kill the red horse.3 in a field of beautiful rich dirt Jesus in front of me would poke a hole in ground w a staff an I would drop a seed then after 3.ca of this he came upon a very white rock shaped flat w a point to it he tapped it twice then I woke up. Can u help me to understand these 3 dreams? Ty God bless

  5. Thanks lot ma’am,
    All Glory to most high Lord Jesus Christ name Amen Amen Amen
    Plz Remember me in your prayers ,my name is John, from India

  6. Amen. Many of these things should have occurred already but the Almighty has given us a chance to repent and follow His Word but instead we have been even more greedy more murderous and idolatrous. He will execute His judgement now of which none shall escape. Spread His word so that His favor may fall on you.

  7. I had a vision of a girl walking through a field of wheat.She ran her hand across the top of it. The harvest was almost ready, but the tops weren’t bent yet. The little girl represents me 50 years ago approx. Two weeks ago I heard I’m coming soon.

  8. Ironically, I also had a prophetic dream, a day ago. Of that brief dream, the message I got is that the end times will begin soon. It’s difficult to remember the dream completely, except that I was standing at my living room window and witnessed, at that very moment, earth shattering changes, devastating to the entire world! It was terrifying and I was glad that I woke up. Fair warning, take heed and get yourself right with God. Ask him to come into your heart and clean you up, spiritually.

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