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  1. 4th kingdom is here the remantchurch his hidden ones feb.7 I woke up in morningmy middle finger was bruised read dan.ch.2 verse 40 also I woke up 2 weeks ago 4in the morning I have never did that no one else is getting 4th kingdom also read bible about bruised it it is that 4kingdom

    • Juanita L Fields You are the first person who has pointed to the season we live in right out of Daniel. To explain this in a short word does not give Daniels prophesy its dues. King Nebuchadnezzar heard Daniels’s words and fell on His face and then proceeded to build an image for all to worship with you know whose face. This was not repentance but shock and awe, out of the fourth kingdom which had the miry clay and the potters clay (only time you see this potters clay OT) mixed not only in the feet but also in the 10 toes which the rock struck which we understand to be the birth of Christianity during the feet the Roman empire but what about the ten toes, that produce this never-ending Kingdom of God in the earth. We see the four beasts mention by Daniels’s dream play out in History along with the kingdom of God being established at Pentecost but not the ruling and reigning church which is where we are right now. I can do a part 2 if interested out of Dan 7 which are not the same beasts as Dan 2 this also points out the little horn that is only seen in Dan which makes the 5th beast the one we are dealing with right now

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