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Prophetic Message to the Nation of KENYA — 5 Comments

  1. Servant of God continue sharing with whoever will listen to what the Lord is saying to the Nation and the Church.
    Our leaders: Who will speak to them to realize the danger and evil that faces this nation day and night? Eph 6:12

    I will trust the Lord to enable me play my part as God’s servant.

    Pastor James

  2. Thank you for sharing this word. The things I was grasping to understand inside my heart are now very clear to me. Especially the spirit of Haman persecuting God’s people and the countries that are on assignment for God. He is refining us, drying us up of the love for the things of this world, so all that’s left is salt. Amen. Thank you again servant of God.

  3. Prophet Peter,

    This word is so insightful and informative. I pray Kenya be blessed by this word as much as I was.

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