Prophetic Message to the Nation of KENYA


The Lord opened up his secret by wisdom concerning the nation of Kenya.  In this dream, on the night of June 8, 2014, the Lord God allowed me to be at a particular place in the land of Kenya.

He brought me to a place on the land and in that place he showed me double walls on the land.  As He presented the double walls before me and I noticed the entire land of Republic of Kenya was partitioned into three portions.  Let me explain.  Before me, was a partition of what appeared to be bundles of reeds and sticks joined together forming two parallel walls.  They ran across extensive lands to my far left and to my farthest right, forming two barriers across Kenya, but they moved into two lanes parallel to each other, to form high walls, so what we had was a corridor between the walls.  A literal space was formed, a path right between the walls.  By this description, the land was divided into three sections, space on either sides of the two walls inhabited by the peoples of Kenya and the narrow space that was between the two walls.  No one was in this corridor and I was standing on one side of the walls.

wall image


While I was standing at the side, the head of state, the President of the Republic of Kenya (the President appeared in my dream) came and I noted that he had a group of elders of the church with him.  He did not appear to be aware of the barrier on the land, but he mentioned going to the other side to a prayer event.  The Lord made me know that this was in response to a distress call and cry from those who lived on the far side of the barrier.

Then we appeared on the other side and were now able to see that the elders were five and the President, came later and joined in.  We came to a point and right before us (the elders and the President) and there was a bowl containing blood and also something that appeared like animal flesh was presented before us.  The Spirit of the Lord made me to know that the distress of the nation of Kenya originated from that source and that was the reason for that urgent gathering.

Meanwhile, this team together with the President sat and I remembered a strong fervent and anguishing prayers purposely to resist, uproot, and defeat evil against the Republic of Kenya.  The President bowed before the Lord while we prayed, again I repeat, the President was on his bended knees.

But suddenly, a strong aggressive darkness engulfed the land, terrible fear overwhelmed the land it was like an ambush.  The enemy that invaded was in form of darkness and we scattered.  It so happened quickly, I found myself on the side where we had previously gathered, the side that looked like urban centre, a very busy town and hundreds of people were busy with normal duties, the life of city center as you know where everyone is concerned with his own things.  I noted that these people were not aware of the wall, but still there was this double wall.

From that stand point again, the President appeared before me, and he had the weapon, and I saw him facing the walls as if to go through it, yet I did not see if he really brought the walls down.

After these things, three identical living objects which appeared like aeroplanes, appeared above the earth in the high heavens in the dark.  They moved together quietly, with no sound and if not for a small light to brighten their target, they wouldn’t be visible from the earth’s surface.  These aeroplanes like objects expelled round, shiny, cylindrical bombs in a seemingly round pattern and as the bombs hit the ground, they rolled in great speed.  Everyone was running for their lives.  I, the servant of God, was running with them……  and amazingly, the objects never exploded as expected.  Then I heard people saying that these dropped objects were releasing a hissing sound and issuing a very bad smell, like a rotting smell and the people in these particular places were covering their noses with handkerchiefs.

After these events, the Lord made me to look to the borders of Kenya and they was surrounded by hills.  Again the enemy of the nation appeared in the form of military tanks.  I saw two of them trying to roll down the hills onto the land they were approaching, but the enemy forces had difficulty in moving into the land.  I had the knowing that this battle was not of flesh and blood, but by his Spirit the Nation will win.

The Revelation

Kenyan flagIt is evident that the Lord God the creator was speaking to the entire nation of Kenya, including the political leaders, the religious leaders, the counties of Kenya, the villages, towns, Kenyans in the diasporas, the tribes and tongues of Kenya, the rich or poor, refugees in Kenya, Christians and other sects to all people who have interest in this nation, as the Lord has spoken.

Well then what is the message?  I want to take you back a little in time.  KENYA as many have witnessed, carries a mandate that goes beyond its borders.  We know that this nation has played the role of a mediator and peace to other nations that are what the world calls failed state.  In 2005, it successfully brokered peace in the Sudan and Kenyan state leaders, supervised a treaty that allowed the walls of that nation and allowed the once oppressed South Sudan to rest in freedom.  Refugees from the nations of east Africa have called Kenya their home.  They have given birth, raised and educated their children in this country.  The military might of Kenya, is successfully apprehended forces of evil and religious extremists in Somalia.

On many occasions, the neighbours of Kenya have been shaken, yet God has had Kenya in His secret place of protection.  However, until 2007, violence that rocked this nation.  We know that people were singled out and eliminated based on tribal or political loyalties.  There were hundreds dying and painting the land with the blood of crying women, men and children.  Destruction, forceful evacuations and hatred has followed since then.  When did the nation determine who was to be eliminated, hated or to be segregated against?

The people of God and the Wall of Separation

Nations do have prophetic mandates.  That is a divine assignment, as it interacts with other nations.  Looking at historical Israel and another few countries on the earth today, this oil upon a country clearly separate a country and demands it accomplishes what she is called to do.  God puts pressure on the countries he has selected and goes even to the degree of totally uprooting it where it is, from their comfort zones, only to refine and replant it to its divine position after it has allowed God to be the Lord and repented towards him only.

God will give such countries governments, based on what He wants done at that hour and on that land.  Since this was a message from the Lord to Kenya, she should realize that the elected leaders are not in leadership because of tribal favours or mights, huge followings, man’s doing or votes, but because God predestined it to be so, and nothing could stop God, absolutely nothing.

Realistically speaking, a government which is God ordained, also has the grace from God to allow it stand, irregardless of any support be it tribal, religious or political opposition.  Out of fear of losing, Christians in their tribes, have run here and there trying to fight God’s battle, worrying and drawing back to political parties and tribal alignments to defend our grounds.  Religious leaders in the past have defended the nations through their alignments, Christians choosing to pray or not pray, based on if the government is of their tribe or not.

Christians in this land are not to do so.  This nation has oil upon it.  His people are on assignment and heaven’s demand is upon the land of Kenya.  This is why the Lord revealed to me the partition in the land, two walls with a corridor of neutrality.  Harsh and fearful wall which have secretly apportioned the land on the basis of tribal thinking, pride, stereotyping and sin.  Thus God’s people are not His people anymore, but tribal ambassadors and outfits, worshippers and intercessors who have yet to grow above tribal fears and hatred demons.  The question is, should there be any walls where God’s people are?

In Ephesians 2:14, God abolished the wall that separated him with those he love, this is to extend amongst his children everywhere, tribes and nations. It says

“For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility” Ephesians 2:14.

We have found ourselves in situations which are difficult, but whose prayers are being answered.  God is not talking of a contest, yet when those who are so called “God’s people” come to him as religious denominations, as political party loyalists and as tribes, then the nakedness, corruption and lifelessness of the church is mocked and ridiculed by the devil and enemies of God.

At this stage the Church has lost its saltiness for the enemy to trample upon.  We go to God as against ourselves.  The bible is very clear, about the role of his people.

“If my people, who are called by my name , will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sins and heal their land” 2 Chronicles 7:14.

It is so accurate in God’s timing, that the vision the servant of God had is coming immediately after the Saba Saba chaos and rally that was aimed at dividing the country further and spread mayhem once more in this land.

It will be very easy for this nation to go this way, if the dividing double wall is not consumed by the blood of Jesus.  If we value ourselves to be God’s chosen people of Kenya, we must occupy that corridor and knock down the walls by the love and power and by the flowing blood of Jesus.  Some Christians will have to go back and search their hearts again.  God is warning the servants of God whose bellies are more important than the Kingdom of God, whose churches and ministries are more valuable to them than the people.  Those who are so ambitious as tribal priests, that they have missed the revival on the land as happened to other nations.  You cannot aspire to be effective in reviving other nations, when you have erected a wall of separation on your own land!

Its evident today that God is calling the Nation to tear down the middle walls which separate it and stand from the ground of neutrality and separation unto God, where nothing else matters but God!!  That ground can only be occupied by blood washed saints, who have died to their agendas and exalted the Kingdom’s agenda above their origins, likes and pride.

Witchcraft in the Land

Even as the Lord showed me the double barriers which separates our land, on the other side He also shows me witchcraft from one particular source.  We know that the only legal blood that was shed is that blood of Calvary.  Any other altar that comes and speaks after the true blood of the slain lamb of God, carries manipulation and control.  That source of witchcraft carries death to the nation.

Some political figures in the land have the strong backings of evil altars and they reinforce those allegiance to their gods at every election, where human blood must flow to keep them on their thrones.  They have thrived on this and have held the country to ransom by witchcraft!  They are the ones who will forge alliances with the enemies of the nation and invite in foreign altars to destroy the land.  We have seen leaders closing down the opportunities of prosperity for the Nation and later, scheming to provide solutions for the very problems which bear their names.  That form of manipulation is what God detests.  God has appointed this nation for the last rain of the Spirit and He is jealousy over Kenya.  So it is wrong time for the leadership to treat business in the land, as usual.

The normal lifestyle

What kind of lifestyle did I witness?  A nation living in ignorance; believers mixed in the normal worldly life.  They did not realize the looming dangers.  No one noticed the walls or the living creatures which dropped the spherical objects.  The objects dropped from skies were divisive demonic spirits, even the demons of tribalism.

The Lord is clear when He addresses His people.  He does not address His people as a tribe, or as political class, but as His own people and His own sheep, as His church. How will the church hear the voice of the shepherd when she is part of the larger community after selling herself to another shepherd, the so called life of the world?

God demands separateness, from the nations and the people He has chosen.  God demanded the Hebrew people to separate from Egyptian gods and life.  This took Him to displace the nations where He was heading the Israelites, that they may not be defiled by foreign social lifestyles.

The church today must single herself out and come out of the rest of the world.  Then she can be the prophetic salt of the world she was meant to be.  We need the wisdom of the Lord to learn to step out and meet the bridegroom!!  The five wise virgin company had learnt obedience in the secret place of the teaching power of the Spirit.  They kept oil for themselves and that oil was Oil of Separation from the rest of the congregation.  When time came for their glorification, they were taken in with the Messiah.

The worldly life which a section of the church is living, can only be explained by the church not waiting for the Messiah.  If she were really eager for another life beyond this life, then there is no way she could allow the world to direct her paths as she would be busy with heavenly life and adorning herself in righteousness.  There wouldn’t be mentioning of sexual lusts, lies, tribal hatred or corruption in the church.

This message come as one of the very many prophetic alerts the Lord directs to the church, yet she has been reluctant to turn back and heed these warnings.  A nation can’t hide in tribal closets and still offer prayers for the peace of the nation.  The nation which she helped to divide, now wonder if this nation really is, the Light House of Africa and other nations.

The Spirit of Haman

There has not been any other time the world when even the church has suffered under the hands of militant Jihadist like today.  We hear countless instances of Islamic uprisings and death at the hands of terrorist each day.  While their agenda might not be clearly stated, we know that the Jihadist ideology of Islam is at the center of countless deaths through the killings of non-Islam professing peoples, whom they refer as “kafir كافر‎”.  They are for conquering faiths and in all the countries they hit, they demand an Islamic statehood or separatists lives which exalt Islam and persecute Christians and the Jewish peoples.

These militant and brutal factions of Islam are quickly replacing the political Islamic leadership.  Countries like Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Syria have already been replaced by the militants in their ruling governments. Islamic Iran’s top leadership have repeatedly come out to say they will wipe out Zionists Israel from the world map.  This agenda to annihilate the Jewish people is traced back from the Nazi supremist ideologies and the Germans who viewed themselves as the worlds’ superior race.  Derived from this came the “final solution” plan which executed the holocaust on the Jews, in which some 6 million European Jews under German authority were apprehended and mercilessly killed.  History tells us this ideology got its way through to Iran and just like the Germans who then considered themselves an able race, the Persians too want to establish a superior race in Middle East.

Persian biblical kings like Antaxes, Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar had a common hatred for the seed of Abraham.  We know in the book of Esther, that Haman devised a plan to kill all the Abrahamic seed living on the land at that time.  Persia is the modern Islamic Republic of Iran.  By the turns of modern events, every time Iran speaks, (we can as well say Palestine and Islamic countries), they speak out of the spirit that was upon Haman to effect the destruction of the Abraham seed as a whole.

All these Jihadist movements point to the Ezekiel 38 & 39 wars when the Islamic states and Russia in the North, come against Israel to war with her.  I believe that this war may end up in a peace treaty which marks the beginning of tribulations.

The question is, how does Kenya and the rest of the nations fits into the Jihadists agendas?   As we have already seen, their hatred is against the true seed of Abraham wherever they are.  It is the same spirit of antichrist that was witnessed when gunmen attacked the Westgate Shopping Centre in Nairobi, killed the hostages.  The enemy has penetrated Kenya and detonated IEDs [Improvised Explosive Devices] on civilians and churches.  We know the enemy has done this on the pretext of religious lines and singled out Christians for slaughter.  We now have Jihadist elements in every country in East Africa and their motive is one, to persecute and to establish Islam.

I am writing this at the time the world has cried for the setting free of more than 219 school girls taken hostage by the militant Boko Haram Jihadists of Nigeria.  Kenya and Nigeria seems to have similar attacks from radical Islam.  Every nation that carries end time assignments will be increasingly targeted by the sons of the bondwoman (Genesis 16:15).

The coming of the Prince of Peace to the earth is undoubtedly so much nearer than when we first believed!



~ Prophet Peter Odhiambo

Prophet Peter OdhiamboProphet Peter Odhiambo is the founder of Heart Revival Network  International, Kenya  and a Prophetic Endtime Minister of the Gospel.  He preaches in Crusades, open air and Revival meetings.  The Lord continuously shows him concerning apostasy in the Church and the need to prepare the Bride to fit into the Wedding of the Lamb, according to Revelation 19:7-8.


Prophetic Message to the Nation of KENYA — 5 Comments

  1. Prophet Peter,

    This word is so insightful and informative. I pray Kenya be blessed by this word as much as I was.

  2. Thank you for sharing this word. The things I was grasping to understand inside my heart are now very clear to me. Especially the spirit of Haman persecuting God’s people and the countries that are on assignment for God. He is refining us, drying us up of the love for the things of this world, so all that’s left is salt. Amen. Thank you again servant of God.

  3. Servant of God continue sharing with whoever will listen to what the Lord is saying to the Nation and the Church.
    Our leaders: Who will speak to them to realize the danger and evil that faces this nation day and night? Eph 6:12

    I will trust the Lord to enable me play my part as God’s servant.

    Pastor James

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