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Prophetic Warning: 3 Days of Darkness — 9 Comments

  1. Dear Elisabeth
    the trigger event can be a micronova as described in ezechiel a big nature happening like when the big flood happened then a big earthquake and darkness because the massive amount of dust coming from the micronova in the air bringing darkness for several days several scientist warning for such event in the very near future will happen

    Love from sister nadine

  2. Many Catholic saints and visionaries have said exactly this same thing long before you shared this word. Have you read or heard of these other visions? If so, have they influenced you on this topic?

  3. Lynn Johnson on August 24, 2021, on His Kingdom Prophesy gave a Word from our Lord on Three Days of Darkness. I had learned about The Three Days of Darkness in May of this year and I had never heard this before, but suddenly it was coming up on different sites. Our Lord said He would never leave us and we should stay focused on Him for He will protect us. I do believe that His followers need not fear, but we need to stay close to our Lord and pray.

  4. I saw a question on this same topic when it was on here before but never saw an answer given and that was….what happens to outside animals such as cows and horses that do not have a place to be put? How are they to be protected?

    • Dear Sassy,
      Surely as the Word says, Prophets only prophesy in part, and that is the part they pass to on to us.
      I reckon you’ll need to seek The LORD for that part, by and for yourself.

  5. As Holy Spirit believers we are not to fear this darkness. It is for the wicked. The light of Jesus will be on in our homes and we will have nothing to fear. Keep your focus on Jesus inside your home and wait for the Holy Spirit to tell you when to go outside again.

  6. what do you think the meaning of the words “close the blinds to the outside” is?

    as I dont know english well, if you understand it, could you explain?

    blind should be installed outside?

    • It just means close the curtains, close the blinds if you have blinds instead of curtains, cover the windows any way you can so you can’t see what’s happening outside.

    • The “blinds” are the same as you put om horses at each side of their eyes so they can focus at and continue on the road before them without being disturbed or afraid of what is going on besides the road.

      It is a mentally status you must keep,because “your house” are your own body and mind.

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