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How to Anoint With Oil — 3 Comments

  1. Elizabeth, I am so glad I found your post on here. I was getting pinged from God about anointing and saw your post on another site. I saved it and just yesterday made a divine batch of anointing oil, gift oil for when I meet in person Isa Yahshua (minus the myrrh) and some Esther oil for daily use to prepare for my King :)
    I also made a bath with the oils, lots of salt and milk powder and it truly was the Ruach HaQoudesh present.

    I wanted to thank you and let you know your post inspired and confirmed

    I used
    Cinnamon bark
    Rose Geranium (for Christs consort the Bride and for the Mother aspect of YHVH)
    Benzoin (used in Royalty and in Queen Elizabeth’s coronation anointing oil for Christs anointing as King here on earth)

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