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Prophetic Warning for America! Pockets of Desolation & Salvation — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for your confirmation.There WILL INDEED be a new kind of Godly government that has never been dreamed of in all of history.I have struggled with its mystery and concept all my life,ever since a child in third grade.I wish no more contact.I will pray for you daily.RWU

  2. I have 2 comments about the dream. Transportation are apparently symbols for either Ministry, or war, in dreams. My opinion is that in your dream, it could mean both. Ministries in America will go from fast, modern cars, back to horse carriages of the older times. At the same time, America will go to war with modern weapons but end up fighting with anything at hand.

    Also, look at the roads. Tar roads, easy travel, but busy and clogged up. Gravel road, not as easy. Then lastly, through snow… really difficult to traverse. War and Ministries will start off easy, then get harder and more difficult as time goes on. People who don’t understand, will try to stop those in ministries. And the war.

  3. Good Day Elizabeth Marie. :)
    I just wanted to share with you a similar dream I had a bit over 7 years ago where I also was riding on a bike being chased by an angry mob. But while running across an open field suddenly I stopped, turned around, and a wild bull, (which somehow represented this mob and was the source of my fear) went up and around me. I recall thinking that I’m done running and finished fearing. The bull, now behind me, whipped around and began chasing this mob, and let me tell you what…THEY RAN!!! As fast as their legs could carry them, screaming all the way!! :D
    I also had a dream similar to the destruction you saw come upon the Nation of the USA where I was standing next to a Red Cross vehicle while people were crawling out of ditches screaming for help. And we, the remnant of God were filled with, and clothed in the only One Who could…:D
    Gid bless you beautiful lady, thank you for sharing.

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