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Prophetic Warning: The Mark of the Beast — A Reprobate Mind — 2 Comments

  1. thank you so much Elizabeth Marie for your ministry and I am always glad to receive messages about the MOB because it is all so confusing to decipher whether what is happening is related to this or not.  I know there is to be so much deceit but so many pastors say there is no deceit with respect to MOB since those that take it are suppose to know they are taking it worship Antichrist.  But I do think that people can be deceived into the beast system and develop a reprobate mind which will make them prey and receive the MOB.

  2. It would be as simple as asking are you vaccinated has fear driven you to accept this seems so simple and innocent and right I mean it is all about safety. As far as the timing of the marking system you would need a temple in Jerusalem for this evil one to seat himself in saying He is God

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