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Prophetic Warning: The Titan Submersible — 13 Comments

  1. Over a year ago..at Pentecost..I was reading in Acts about Pentecost and felt the Lord say that He was leaving here the same way He came..in a flurry of His Glory. In the history of man man has always needed to go through judgement to be broken..to be able to come back to His God. Yes that is surely coming..But because He is also coming..the last of the Gentiles must be brought in also. When the last one that can come..comes..then the End will come. Therefore His Glory is coming to swoop all who are ready and all who say YES to enter into the Kingdom out of here. Think PENTECOST IN REVERSE !!

  2. I was in the bathroom getting ready to go out a couple of weeks ago. Next thing out of the blue a children’s song I used to sing in Sunday school came into my head ‘The wise man built his house upon the rock, and the rain came tumbling down.The rain came down and the flood came up and the house on the sand went boom! That’s the way I hear it. Over and over it wouldn’t leave me. I asked God did you gave me this song. He did. I was thinking about something else. God is going to expose everything that has been hidden for so long. He is bringing it down. It is going to shock so many people. For years we all have been told things that we just believed to be truth. It’s not.What a mighty God we serve. All Glory To His Name

  3. How do we practically be as the 5 wise virgins, who prepared for the bridegroom, as the economic and financial systems crash and world leaders are removed from office?

  4. Everyone pray and bind the powers of satan! We are shown what will happen if we don’t. Thank you sweet Veronika! God bless you!

  5. Yesterday as I was praying 4 the 5 individuals on the sub, I heard these words inside of me:”He brought me out 2 a wide open place. He rescued me because He was pleased with me.” [Ps 18:19] The deep Ocean is like the grave of Lazaros where there’s no hope and no air left but God can do a miracle – even if it recuire 4 days.

  6. Dio sta in alto…nel terzo cielo,dove sta l’infinito spazio,l’immensa Luce. Il nostro Dio è l’Altissimo!
    Ma la stoltezza dell’uomo affonda il suo sguardo nella profondità degli abissi oscuri e là,in quella trappola,lontano da Dio, quegli uomini troveranno altri dei malvagi,richiamati dal loro orgoglio.

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “God is on high… in the third heaven, where is the infinite space, the immense Light. Our God is the Most High! But man’s foolishness sinks his gaze into the depths of the dark abysses and there, in that trap, far from God, those men will find other wicked gods, called by their pride.” ]

  7. Prophetess I agree ,I was thinking even though it hurts our heart to see this happen when God says a thing will happen and He will not be mocked,that settles it wow .You continue to stay before the Lord and I will too

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