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  1. War Is Imminent

    Prophetic Dreams and Visions /End Times
    By Kimberly Russell

    Attention my fellow people’s. In past months and especially weeks, the Lord has revealed to me that war or coming soon and we must prepare not only our homes, families but our spiritual needs as well. We are remaining faithful to God and not be deceived by false prophets or people claiming to be Christ Himself. Our strength and life comes from God. It is through Christ alone that we receive salvation and healing. God does not wish us to be left in the dark about upcoming events that must take place before Christ return and the saints leaving earth.

    Below are prophetic dreams and words given to me in dreams and through heavenly encounters. I pray you seek God and ask for His wisdom in how you should be ready for this upcoming war.

    I have had 6 dreams so far of a war that is about to take place. Each giving me a since of urgency.

    In the 1st dream I saw missiles flying through the air in a city but it was hidden from people due to a veil over the city but I believe God removed the veil to show me what was about to take place. I saw in the dream these missiles blowing up apartments and people scrambling to reach safety.

    In the 2nd dream I saw people hungry and unable to find food. EMP (Electric magnetic pulses) had begun to take place. Not all at once but city by city. No electricity, resources were very scarce and people were desperate for food.

    In the 3rd dream I saw a missile launching pad with missiles being drawn on it. Three of four white missiles and 2 or 3 yellow missiles. I felt in my spirit they were regular and nuclear missiles. Then I heard a voice speak and say the U S will fire first.

    In the 4th dream I was standing in a room that God has taken me to to reveal a message to me. It was written in front of my eyes. It said ” There will be a war ” then I was taken to a dream. I was standing in a church for a wedding. Everyone was dressed very nice enjoying themselves and not a care. Then the Lord reminded me of the message of war He had revealed to me. I began to cry out and say there will be a war. I spoke of it several times. Then the Lord reminded me again of the EMP attacks (Electric magnetic pulses. But everyone was too busy to hear or pay attention.

    In the 5th dream I was watching a train move down the tracks. People enjoying themselves. Beside the train a long river flowing. Then suddenly nuclear heads begin falling into the river. With each one people begin to blister a burn and even one in a hot tub and the water could not stop the horrible pain and blistering. Then I saw myself running towards a warehouse searching for food, shelter and blankets. But the shelters were not big enough and food was scarce. As I begin to travel back outside I saw a tent that I knew was God’s tent of safety and knew He has this set up for believers because unless I had eyes to see according to scripture I would not have seen it.

    In the 6th dream the Lord revealed another written message as if it was a bulletin. It showed 4 blood moons and beside each one an event written out. Below they are listed.

    • World War 3
    • Peace
    • Judah
    • The return of Christ

    Update September 27, 2016
    In past weeks, I have had several other dreams and visions that are pointing ever more urgent toward a EMP attack and the rise of an army that will undoubtedly force out the American lifestyle into a state of Martial Law. These attacks will cause major power outages and loss of life, as well as many people being taken prisoner and forced into camps or much worse. Many will suffer if these prophetic dreams are any indication to what will take place.

    Beginning with the prophetic dream of Martial Law, I saw many different signs and wonders in the sky. Several blood moons, a regular moon and Planet Niribu making an appearance. In this dream I saw a comet on fire fly over my head and it was very hot to my skin. As I continued to watch I saw in my dream across the street to another house, a vehicle pulled up and began to rush people out of the house in urgency. I knew in my spirit that I would need to follow the same example in haste if the people that I was with was to be saved. There was no time to grab clothes or food, no supplies. Time was very short and noon would have time to prepare. I begged for the people to hurry and move as fast as possible and that dangerous men were on the way to capture us all. In this dream and vision of what is to come I saw many terrible and great signs in the sky as all this began to unfold.

    In the 2nd dream I heard the word Diaspora. I am uncertain what this means but that it is very important. I was in a town. I began to warn people that war was coming. This dream came directly after another dream of war in the same night. I tried to warn the people around me that war was coming. The I got in a car and begin to drive. Suddenly the car began to sputter and I knew instantly this was due to a EMP-Electro Magnetic Pulse attack. These attacks weren’t suddenly all at once but rolling from state to state. I kept attempting to keep the vehicle going but the EMP attacks were causing disruption in the electrical systems of the car and power around me. I began to shout to the people that war was coming. We would die. A large loss of life was going to happen. It was very difficult to warn them as they would not listen. I even tried to tell them of the previous dreams of war that I had and still they refused to listen. 

    Saints I pray yon have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Lord is saying and showing us in our dreams and even in the signs of the heavens. I feel that these things are very close to happening, given the urgency and frequency in them. Daily we hear of wars and rumors of wars. Daily we see the persecution of Christians. Strange weather patterns increasing and the earth is shifting and buckling as in birth pains. Please seek God now while He may be found. Pray that we are ready. Thank you and May God bless you, prepare you and strengthen you.

  2. Brother Dewey,
    About 2001 – 2002 we went to the coast there by direction of the Lord. We stayed 2 years. When we left HE said to tell them that the Coast is Toast. Confirmation.

  3. hi bro Dewey
    Does the Lord ever give you words about Asia, particularly Philippines and China. 
    I used to live in Los Angeles – felt strong impression I needed to leave and did.  I settled where I could afford to live – can’t say God said go there so I’d be interested if you had any words for Asia. thx

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