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Prophetic Warning: Water Shortages & Contamination — 1 Comment

  1. I had a dream in which we were told there were water shortages, and it will become desperate. But BEFORE it came to that point, the authorities were telling their citizens it was ALREADY at that point of “no water left”. And the people panicked, and we heard about one man who wanted to kill his whole family because their water were finished and he thought there’s nothing left in the towns and cities, so he wanted to spare his children from such a death. In the meantime, there still WAS enough water left for people to survive, the rumours were false, or premature. It will happen, but first, the authorities will lie about it. I did not see in the dream in which country this took place, and I’m not American. But the driver of one car reminded me of a Texan man.

    Shortly after in the dream, demons (aliens) manifested. It may provide a clue about when this water shortage will happen.

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