Prophetic Word for The Next 3 Years! — 23 Comments

  1. God bless you servant of God. Our God is still in the affairs of the world. Am blessed to hear this revelation. I pray for His sensitivity for us not to miss this awaken. This is my season and the fullness of my time is now.

    Stay blessed
    Apostle Rich

  2. glory to jesus this 3 month we have to be wise making decision fr the 3years.o’god there going to be a big breakthru.thank you jesus.please pray fr my son n daughters to repent n know jesus Christ.

  3. Dear veronika

    Wow spot on ; a word in season , I’d like you 2 please pray for my family we are trusting God for a financial breakthrough and a house and my studies

  4. I’m depending on Jesus everyday of my life. I’ve been through so much and can’t wait to be with the Lord. It’s been a long road and I pray I’m in the beginning stages of my faith again at almost 50 years old. Please pray for my daughter Roxanne Hosey, wife Melissa Hosey and myself Christopher Hosey. Under Grace we don’t have to work for God, he is working for us and I pray for a beautiful Deliverace of my mind. Thank you.

  5. Praise God, I feel this is the time too.2020 is the time for me, I believe this is the year of great importance. A powerful time of prayer. Amen God bless.

  6. I am so thrilled when I hear someone speaks about the holy spirit giving instructions anout the end times because I have tapped into that realms as well. I am aware I am conscious I am transfixed and looking for the glorious appearing of out lord.with mighty signs and wonders. My heart is fixed

  7. Dear Veronika
    Praise God for your message…confirmation.

    Im an evangelist called to only proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God.
    And like you now..Africa is very tough…conditions bad…but God is good.The mighty works of God is amazing…

    On my last Crusade last month in Mozambique and Malawi…Holy Spirit spoke to me to prepare Fasting…i have to die to myself…
    And that im doing!
    The sons of God must be revealed…The Kingdom must advance in Power and Spirit
    Your numbers is very amazing…it lines up.

    Im in…Robertson..Western Cape South Africa.

    Please pray with me for a mighty anointing and that God would bring a mighty revival in Africa.

    Juan van Tonder
    [ redacted ]

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