Public Exposition is Coming!

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Public Exposition is Coming!

In the days ahead, rapid news reporting both from secular and Christian publications will bring grave and shocking information to light.

Many who have hidden their secret lives and who refuse accountability and see no wrong in their actions and their treatment of people, will sadly have public consequences with brutal public exposures and therefore, loss of respect.

There will be sadly for many, a complete stepping down from sacred service.

I clearly hear the LORD saying that  “People are not toys, they are not personal servants, nor are they to blindly follow and agree with any man or woman.”

Believers must follow Christ first.  IN ALL THINGS.

Don’t be surprised or overwhelmed by the soon and coming fiery trials and shocking exposures.

It’s burning off dross so that pure and proper representation of the Heart of the Father can come to the forefront.

“Oh, that we might know the Lord!  Let us press on to know him, and he will respond to us as surely as the coming of dawn or the rain of early spring,’”   Hosea 6:3.

True Motherhood

True Motherhood is more than just a stage in life!

It’s a lifelong calling from God!

All we are becomes surrendered and refocused on hearing the whispers of the Holy Spirit’s guidance for each child.

Where we are weak, afraid or even at times “completely clueless” when not knowing how to handle the many situations that develop in the recipe of child rearing, humbly asking for help, counsel and grace are components that open the windows of Godly assistance.

With that, our “heavenly parent” gives us hearts that love deeply, hands that serve tirelessly, and vision to see His blossoming image in the precious ones entrusted to our care.

It’s about His purpose for their lives.  They exist for His plan.  Not ours.

(Key point right there!)

As Mothers (and Grandmothers), we do a lot of things to serve our children.

Many times they are tedious, absolutely unglamorous and tiring!  Yet, the joy of seeing the investment of time and loving preparation for special celebrations and plans is more than well worth the energy output!

But… the greatest service we can offer to our children and grandchildren is a powerful tool that has a reach far beyond our own.

It’s the prayer tool.

There is no specific formula to follow when praying for our children or grandchildren as well, mainly, because each child is uniquely different.

They have different gifts, imaginations, needs, and challenges.

There is no “best way” to offer our petitions, but we are promised that the Holy Spirit will intercede for us when we struggle for words (Romans 8:26).

So you see, there’s no need for us to feel intimidated!  No way!

We have the Holy Spirit as our prayer partner!

We can confidently approach the throne of grace with the desires of our heart and a willingness to be used in God’s service as a wise and watchful steward of the children we have been entrusted with.

🎈 Let’s Pray Together Right Now! 🎈

Loving God, You are the giver of all that I possess, the source of all of my blessings.

I thank and praise you for this.

Thank you for the gift of my children. (grandchildren)

Help me to set wise and safe boundaries for them, and yet encourage them to explore and search out the joys and unknown adventures in life.

Give me the strength and courage to treat each day as a fresh start.May my children (grandchildren) come to know you, the one true God, the ultimate Father figure, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent to be the wise and faithful friend that sticks closer than any brother or sister.

May your Holy Spirit help them to grow in faith, hope, and love, so that they will fully know peace, truth, and goodness.

May their ears hear your voice.

May their eyes see your presence in all things.

May their lips proclaim your word.

May their hearts be your dwelling place.

May their hands do works of charity and mercy.

May their feet walk in the way of Jesus Christ, your Son and our Lord.



In His Shadow,
~ Mary Lindow ©

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” THE MESSENGER ” ~ Mary Lindow

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