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Pursue, Overtake and Recover All! — 5 Comments

  1. HOLY HOLY HOLY!!!!!!
    You are Mighty and Powerful and Faithful and Beautiful my God!!!!!
    Worthy!!! You are Worthy!!!
    I praise You Father!!! Thank You Thank You Father!!!
    The Kingdom of Our God has Become the Kingdom of the Earth!!!! IT IS FINISHED!!!!
    Oh Veronica!! I praise Him for using you in my life!! Thank you beautiful lady, with all of my heart!!! The battle has been so long and so fierce!! His encouragement through you is SOO appreciated!!! Praise God!!
    You know, He showed me that today is a leap day, reminding me that we are definitely leaping forth like calves released from the stall, trampling down the wicked as dust beneath the soles of our feet!!!!

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