Put on the Yellow Dress and Shine in the Darkness


I had a prophetic Dream last night.  In the dream, on a very dark backstage scene there was a woman that was in behind this black curtain in a type of coliseum, where people were coming for a formal event.  This woman, was standing backstage helping people to go out on the stage and a very humble man came up behind her, that was a husband like figure and began handing out these beautiful yellow dresses that had flowing chiffon on them and as he moved them around the chiffon was flowing in the breeze.  He was very humbly trying to get the woman who was helping everyone to put it on and was telling her that it was her time to step out on the stage now.

She was a bit reluctant to put this on and was saying, “Oh no, I couldn’t possibly!”  She was afraid because of her past that she wasn’t worthy to wear the beautiful dress and that she would stand out too much because of the beautiful, bright, vibrant yellow color and she knew that once she put it on and stepped out, that she would be on display…  Still the humble man in the background kept urging her.  I knew in the dream that if she did that every eye would be on her.

~ The Meaning Of The Color Yellow ~

When I woke up from the dream I couldn’t shake it off.  The Lord impressed me to find out what meaning the color yellow had.  I first came across a statement here.  That yellow is the most visible color in the color spectrum.  It’s high reflectance of light allows it to act as a secondary light source.  It is the first wavelength of light processed by the human eye (which belies it’s use in certain signage and on emergency rescue vehicles).  Our peripheral vision (the ability to see side or fringe areas when we look straight ahead) is 2½ times higher than it is for red.  When putting yellow against a black background is very productive in the marketing world because it catches the eye.

A few biblical meanings of the color yellow it is;  Joy, light, and revealed glory!  Also, the seventh foundation the (number of perfection and rest) in the New Jerusalem is Chrysolite within it.  The Greek work translated “chrysolite” means the color Gold or yellow…. (χρυσόλιθος – chrusolithos – khroo-sol’-ee-thos – from G5557 and G3037; gold stone, that is, a yellow gem (“chrysolite”): – chrysolite).

~ What The Lord Is Saying ~

I believe the Lord is saying to us through this dream that there are many who have been “backstage” so to speak and you have been in the background helping others to come forth and shine for the Lord!

You thought that this was the only place that you would ever be and you had become content there.  For some your backgrounds were a bit shaded and you have even said, “Lord if I step out into that place, they will remember my past!,”  but the Lord is saying,

“I have sent my Holy Spirit today to gently prod you to put on your yellow dress.  Yes, your beautiful garment of light and glory, for I want it to be the first thing that they see when they look at you!  Yes, the one that reflects my light so well….  put it on and step out onto the dark stage, for I will draw them to the yellow dress (the glory) that you are wearing in this dark time and hour, for it is not about you in this time but it is in what you are wearing! it is about My light and glory!

It is your time to step out of just “being satisfied,” with what you have always done in the past and step out into visibility!  When they look at the dress (My glory) they will see an emergency vehicle coming to help them!  They will know where to run to in their time of distress! When you are in the dress, you will also be able to see the enemy coming up beside you this time and will not be deceived by him in this hour, for you will be able to see him from every direction!  When they see the yellow dress (My Glory), in contrast to this darkness, that is surrounding them, they will know that God is truly in their midst and that I live and dwell in the midst of My people!  You will demonstrate to them, what it means to be a people who have entered my rest and who have become a sanctuary of my peace!  Yes, Put on your yellow dress and walk out of your secure place, onto the stage where you will be a display of my splendor!  The world is awaiting you!”

“Awake, awake; put on thy strength, O Zion; put on thy beautiful Garments…”   Isaiah 52:1.

“Arise, shine,for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.  See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you,and His glory appears over you.  Nations will come to your light,and kings to the brightness of your dawn”   Isaiah 60:1-3 (NIV).


~ by Jo Ellen Stevens
Arise Shine!

Jo Ellen Stevens imageJo Ellen Stevens of TCIC Ministries is a Prophetic speaker, author, worshiper and intercessor. She has ministered with her husband for 23 years and was a worship leader at the Assembly of God for many years. She is an ordained minister (Restoration Ministries) and works with Restoration Ministries in their Ministry Rooms doing prophetic worship with her husband. She has taught many bible studies and have led many intercessory prayer groups.


Put on the Yellow Dress and Shine in the Darkness — 4 Comments

  1. Jo Ellen, I just discovered this website and I seem to gravitate to everything you post. Thank you for being sensitive to the Spirit.  I have had prophetic dreams since I was a child but they did not happen very often until last year (June of 2014) they started flooding in and most of them involve a stage or large theaters. I’ve had 4 pregnancy dreams (each a different term) and just had a dream about a baby girl.  I also see phrases or words pop in my mind in neon colors like… “the soil isn’t dead” and the number “11:14” and I am seeing this bright blue flash of light that no one else sees.  My husband is the only one I have shared any of this with and he is very supportive but doesn’t understand.  I’m not even sure I do.  I’m also starting to see an event or hear in my mind about something getting ready to occur and when it does, it freaks me out a little. lol.  I was raised to believe that these types of things were psychic and evil so I’m trying to be cautious but learn at the same time.  I didn’t ask for any of this but I can’t seem to stop it now!  I’m venting.  Thanks for listening.  I’m praying for you.  I know God is using you in a mighty way and I just want you to know what an immense blessing you have been to me.  You are helping people more than you even know!! 

    Karen :)

  2. Your dream reminds me of one I had few months back…the beautiful dresses, the promotion, the backstage thing of not wanting to go in the public eye, that it is out of my control and is happening even if i dont understand or think i am the right person or not sure about it. Your deeam also reminds me of the yellow dresses I kept seeing and everytime i would think, yes it is beautiful but it will make me srand out too much. Thank you for sharing, it encouraged me and will just have the LordAlmighty have His will. In Jesus Christ name. Amen.

  3. Thank you Jo Ellen for the powerful messages. You are such a blessing in my life and you are my divine helper. Every time when I’m reading your messages you are touching my life. Whatever I do, i give the glory to the King of Kings. For I know he created me with a purpose in this life and I have an assignment. God is awesome! Everyday I make sure that I read your messages because they are building me. I love you my beloved sister. Keep shinning for the Kingdom! In the book of Isaiah 62 says ” For Zion’s sake I will not keep quite and For Jerusalem’s sake I will not keep silent. Every time when I have the opportunity I testify about the King of Glory. God bless you.

  4. The Lord’s presence is so sweet and reassuring. I give Him glory, for his love and tender care for us. He looks into our very souls and lifts us up with the sweetest kindness when we are weak or in trouble. I am so grateful for his love and watchfulness over us. The word you shared from The Lord refreshes my heart. Thank You dear sister, may the Lord’s grace continue to work in your life and refresh you. May He continue to bless His people through you. To Our Lord Jesus be the glory! Amen Lord Jesus to all you have shared with your people. Let us submit to your word and I thank you it will be as you have said.