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  1. Absolutely true. Personally, I see prayer as a powerful tool which is the bridge & fuel that enables us to run our heavenly race well while here on earth. So, No matter how holy any one thinks he/she is, you must pray without ceasing cause you’re bound to make mistakes. But, when we confess our sins through prayers & genuine repentance, God’s Mercy/ Grace will be there to forgive & help us. More wisdoms from above on you Jay. I replied late cause of poor network connections at my end please. Thank you.

    • More wisdom is always good, one can never have enough. Some take Holy Spirit like a vaccination you get the shot and we have done that, this produces a speech pattern that when ask Holy Spirit moves from being a person to an article. The baptism of Holy Spirit (HIS NAME) must be an everyday occurrence if we are going to be successful Christians. This decision every day to seek first the Kingdom of God, the place where you watch every word where you know that thoughts are enemies that try to distract you out of Gods Kingdom to get you thinking and talking like the old you resurrecting him and attempting to suffocate who you have been made. But God is faithful He never condemns He never leaves you He never writes you off you have been made new you are His child you have been made righteous not of yourself but by the one you accepted Jesus. We can notice right here that Jesus was also tempted after He was HOLY SPIRIT filled yet without sin, this is why who we have been made is not about our performance but Christianity is all about Jesus’s performance, this truth is reassured to us every day by Holy Spirit as we communicate with Heaven in tongues

  2. Mama, am so glad to have you back in the House with.  I felt your absence. I was even worried about you at a point but I continued to pray for more strength & grace for you. May God keep you & grant you more wisdoms to run the race & end well in Jesus name. Thanks a lot for your kind comments on the vision I shared. you were absolutely right. I say a huge thanks for your prayers & concerns for me & my family always Mama. God will reward your kindness, prayers & all you do for countless souls & in God’s vineyard. Like prophet Elijah, you are not yet done with your assignments even when you’re beginning to give some to others to take over. Greetings to your beloved grand daughter, other family members & well wishers. Bye Mama.

    • God bless you Adams and thank you for your kindness and comments.
      Absolutely, I wish to flow in the Holy Ghost when and how the Lord directs.
      Thank you also for the prayers as I continue to hold you and your family up to the Lord!
      Praise God He alone is worthy of all praise and glory. All of us in Christ Jesus will meet if not down here, on the other side one glorious day. We will persevere and be faithful till the very end by the grace of God.

  3. Adam what would you say was the difference between your cousin’s relationship with Jesus and your relationship

    • Dear Jay, thanks for reading my lengthy vision & your question. In sincerity, I never had any real relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ before this vision even when i was always going to Church with my family. But my cousin had long before the vision established a good relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. God Bless you.

      • Adam when you say your cousin had a lengthy relationship with Jesus, would you describe your cousin as a Spirit-filled (tongue talking) Christian. The debate on this blog is about evidence that there is no rapture it is a made-up term even though transport is a synonym

  4. Page 2. The Great Chaos and people Changing very fast.  At the sound of the trumpet, I looked up at the cloud & saw 3 White bird with trumpets im their mouths blowing. The 3 birds turned to countless beautiful angels each blowing their trumpets . Then, i saw the smiley face of our Lord Jesus Christ appearing faintly at first in the cloud, next his shoulders & his robe gradually.  This brought great confusion where I stood looking at the cloud. I saw many people from nowhere changed & disappeared. Everything was happening too fast before my eyes .  My cousin had her clothes changed & disappeared. Those of us who were not yet changed were scampering & panicking. This was when I started crying out for Mercy to our Lord Jesus Christ . At this point, the huge White man reappeared & told me to lay on my belly with my eyes at the cloud unto Jesus.  As I did then my clothes got removed & I was completely naked without shame.  Next, a satanic man came from no where & started dragging me to come with him to hell. The huge man tried to stop him but he wouldn’t stop as he shouted angrily that I deceived him & i made him to go to hell while he was on earth . The White man man defended me, & forcefully rescued. End of vision. I stand firmly on 1 Corinthians 15 vs 50-52 & 1 Thessalonians 4 vs 16. This vision is over 15 years. This is not a make believe story brethren. Please pardon my African English. Thanks

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