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  1. I too struggle with the direction of my ministry as well. Mine has been laid out full and completely in front of me, everything down to the furniture that is to be used in the rooms- the paint colors, everything- my only problem is I am not in the geographical location God has shown me this will occur in. I wait patiently and silently to hear the words of Direction guidance. Some days I can see it so close on the horizon and literally smell it and other days it seems so far far far away. So please agree with me that this ministry will burst forth and that the population it is meant to serve will begin to be harvested. In Jesus Mighty name.

    • Dear Stephanie,
      Back in 2007 we felt The LORD calling us to move to a place where we knew no one.
      As I looked around at how The LORD was then bringing in so many Christian leaders and movers and shakers into our place, I prayed out publicly to The LORD for confirmation, “LORD, why are you moving us out, when the whole world seems to be coming here?”
      The LORD’s reply was simple and swift, “Do you not think I AM able to bring you back if I need you?”
      So we left with His confirmation that it was His choice for us.
      Stephanie, you are where you are for your benefit, or for the benefit of those whom you serve, or for both these reasons.  Just keep doing what He calls you to do today, where you are now, then move when He tells you to move, but not before.
      “Soon!” I believe He is saying, “But not yet! The training is not yet complete.”
      I pray this helps.
      Blessings in Christ,

  2. Good evening, Dr.June Sheltrown Reinke.
    I would like to say that I thank God for you, your service in and through him.
    What you’ve posted above was and exactly how I am feeling, convicted by the Holy Spirit, frustated because of my obedience, disappointed in myself inderstanding the relationship me and the Lord Jesus had from the very beginning of my life.

    I broke down in tears in the shower, just thinking about when we commit an act of sin, with television, placing anything in front of our relationship with Jesus, we’ve just cheated in the relationship and marriage. Not realizi g how Jesus must feel with all of this, the hurt, turning our backs on him, some of us, pointing at myself in this matter.

    I run with this message, because my heart’s ❤ desire is to see him and know that God is smiling, pleased with me in obedience unto him. I will be a doer, I can feel it within my spirit, coming to the surface.Thank you and Hallelujah Jesus! I hunger for being apart of the completion of a faithful, holy, pure and spotless Bride to our Bridegroom in Jesus.

    Thank you, Dr. June Sheltrown Reinke.

  3. I receive the word of God. Please keeping in prayer regarding how and where should I go to begin the ministry. Sometimes true hearted is just looking for a direction yo go in, but cannot get the support or help from the seasoned saints.

    Dr.June Sheltrown, I truly and sincerely pray for a direction as my heart desires to do the work of the Lord, as I work from 1pm-10om and truly seek a sign, direction for and in God’s ministry. I ask for prayer concerning all of this, trusting the Lord will show me.

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