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The Voice of the Outcast — 4 Comments

  1. People can change. People judged Quasimodo by appearances. God can straighten-out the lives of both sons. This is a season of alignment. You may hear the bells of Notre Dame. That is done with love.

  2. Thank you, it has finally been said. God bless you.
    Change is coming, in fact it is already here.
    The prodigals were never alone, Jesus took them in and taught them how to take His yoke upon them. We learned how to be meek and lowly in heart and there we found rest. When we had nothing else we had all we ever needed…His love, His grace, His word and Spirit.
    The prodigals are returning. You will see them as they are brought in to the banqueting house under His banner of love.

  3. I give and extend honor and respect to you Minister. I ask for prayer, a direction to truly be set a blaze for Jesus, as my heart desire a direction to begin this last day ministry. Pastors have questioned some true hearted Christians as to whether God truly called them, judging from the outer appearance, at least for me, it has been that way.

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