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    By Season of Harvest

    Why Does God love wildflowers?
    Because wildflowers are not changed and do not change for man. They grow in remote places, untouched from civilization…allowing only their creator to influence their growth with sunlight and rain. They do not want to be like any other flower. They enjoy blooming right where they are planted.
    If others don’t like their natural beauty it does not offend them because they are not concerned what others think, they are only concerned about allowing their creator to change them as he pleases. They enjoy being different. They enjoy not looking or smelling like everyone else. they are unique and they know it. They stand out because of their uniqueness. Others may try to make them feel unlovely because wildflowers are different from the rest, but the truth of it is… they are beautiful because they refuse to be anyone but themselves, whether others like it or not. They would rather be alone then become something they are not. They would rather stay in a wild field and be changed by their creator, then be picked by man and changed into what man wants them to be. They are not tossed to and fro by every passing wind, they stand firmly planted, they adapt as needed and they are free to be themselves. They are here to please their creator, not man. If they do something wrong, their creator will always let them know because he loves them so and wants what’s best for them. Therefore they can walk in full confidence that they are doing the creators will, because if they were not, he would make it abundantly clear to them. They are to be treasured, but others may not like their fire, for fear that it will burn up things in their lives that they are struggling to let go of. That is what separates Gods bride. His bride longs for his all consuming fires. His bride desires that anything in their life that is not of God to be burned, no matter what the cost… no matter how much it might hurt. It is this all consuming fire that brings us into oneness with Christ, that conforms us into his image. wildflowers will be rewarded for their sacrifices and sufferings, for Christ’s bride knows what it is to suffer in His sufferings. To choose Christ over anything or anyone… no matter what the cost. And just as the wildflowers grow to be unique and set apart, when you walk in God’s holy fire you are growing into the unique and special person that God created you to be! God loves you with an everlasting love… be encouraged to grow in his light, don’t give up when darkness comes oh wildflowers of the field because you will come out stronger and more colorful and radiant than before.

  2. An invitation to an invitation. The Holy Spirit invited us to invite Jesus. I ‘discovered’ the bleeding-heart dove. Then I ‘discovered’ the golden-hearted dove. One dove gives the appearance that the blood has been smeared on. The other dove gives the appearance that the glory has been smeared on. They are optical llusions. They speak to me of the application of the blood of Jesus, then overflowing with the Father’s glory. 



  3. Dear Sandi, thank you for the beautiful picture. I say Paul was worried about some of the folks and wanted to know if they were ok and I for one am. I thought it was a good habit and not fighting in the flesh. God bless you

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