Recognizing Hallucination Relationships

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Developing our Gifts without Character

One of the worst things I can do to anybody is to endorse their gift without building their character!

Your anointing cannot operate in the maturity of the Spirit if you lack character wisdom and a godly mindset.  

We have affirmed licensed and ordained gifts without training teaching and imparting the godly principles that will keep the vessel from becoming tainted contaminated and fleshly.  Our ability to fully equip those we are called to cultivate is more important than building a following of people.  It does no good to gather an entourage of people and not give them the opportunity to grow increase and excel into the vessel that God has ordain for them to be. In this hour those in leadership need to be more involved in the development of those that they cover.

The relationship of a leader and those they lead requires the ability to be able to interact gleam and learn from each other.  My excitement in leadership is just not me being able to pour the wisdom knowledge and my experiences I have obtain into an individual but to see those I teach take the knowledge build on it and come back and reveal to me a greater understanding of what I have taught them.

Walking in Authority

It’s not arrogance, it’s not pride, it’s not confrontation when you walk in the authority that is part of your spiritual inheritance.

As a leader, I may operate in love, but I will demonstrate power and authority in situations.

There are times that the lamb of God shows up through me, and their are times I must come forth as a lion roaring.  Does that mean I walk in hate?  NO!  Does that mean that I am being quarrelsome?  NO!  Does that mean that I am mistreating an individual?  NO!

It means that in a certain scenario, I have to be more spiritually aggressive so that the spirit that is trying to operate that is not of God is subdued and cast down.

Confronting issues circumstances and situations as a leader is part of our job description.  Following the Holy Ghost as He directs us determines how we dealing with those problems and issues that come before us.  God knows the individual heart spirit and mind He knows what they can take and what they can’t.  He will give you the wisdom and insight in how to deal with the persons that He has connected called or place with you to bring them discipline correction and rebuke.

Elevation will never be possible in a person life if they can’t take constructive criticism.

There is a Fight going on!

It’s time to regurgitate all the falseness and contamination we have received.  It’s time to get rid of the witches anointing the warlock mandate the false prophet spirit that lying whorish pastor spirit and receive a true impartation from The Lord.

We have sown into corruption and have paid for the demons that now trouble our lives.

We have released trouble and warfare upon our lives with the compromising attitudes.

We have embrace because we want to be in the in crowd the cliques that we think can financially support us or give us a platform.

The people are being intimidated by those in the Body of Christ who don’t want change, who that don’t want holiness restored, who don’t want righteousness to prevail.

There is an intense fight going on now in the Kingdom of God to destroy the works of darkness, to dethrone the workers of evil and divination.

The war is on the fight is fierce and we can’t take down we can’t stop we can’t let down we can’t back down we have to stand strong we have to rise up we have to overthrow we have to cast down we have to fortify ourselves we have to come together if we going to win more souls and destroy the enemy.

Called but no Assignment?

You say you’re called but you don’t have no assignment.

Your anointing has a mandate connected with it.

The Lord won’t call you and not give you instructions.  He won’t leave you wandering in your mind or struggling with your identity.

He speaks and let’s you know the precise mission the precise purpose the precise calling you are destined to walk in.  When we seek God He reveals His plans and His purpose for us in the earth.  He gives us every gift every ability that is necessary to carry out our assignment on earth.

We need to seek God now to be in perfect alignment with His divine will.

Wives: what kind of home atmosphere have YOU built?

Wives what kind of atmosphere have you created in the home?  What have you manufactured?  What have you build?

Too many women who are married, are building ministries, but you not building your house.

The anointing on your life is contaminated and distorted, if you’re operating in rebellion and disobedience and out of order in your home.  You can’t expect God to bless you as the leader in a ministry, when you are out of order with the head in your home.

Order is very important to God.  Too many women are saying they want respect in the church, but are operating in disrespect with their husbands.  You are operating as Jezebel,have create a Ahab and are creating Athaliah through the spiritual daughters you are connected to.

You can’t neglect who you are as a wife, because you have a position in the kingdom.  You are anointed, but you yet need to provide in your home the responsibility of a wife and a mother (if you have children).

You can’t minister to everyone else and not minister to your husband and family.  Why are you available to everyone else’s needs, yet you won’t even supply the basic needs for your own?

You can show love, give time and provide for strangers, but yet your husband gets on your nerves because he wants time with you to have just a meal together or a romantic evening.

Are you too anointed to make love to your husband?  You are speaking in tongues all night on the telephone, or on the phone conducting business that you could had took care of before your family got home, or on the phone talking to your friends half the night.  You can’t keep pushing him away neglecting him and give the devil permission to tempt him and seduce him with your foolish actions then act like you shock if he leave you because he tired of you not being there for him.

And before you super anointed folks say he should had honor his vows remember you broke the covenant first.  How can he honor what you are showing him you don’t want.  You want him to sacrifice everything for you give you the world support everything you do and you can’t even fix a hot meal for him or help in the home because you to anointed.

Evidently you must want to be single, because you sure not acting like you want to be married!

You won’t communicate with him and you not listening to his heart.  His actions of anger toward you is because you are treating him like a stranger or a part time lover, just giving him attention when you want sex, or need money, or something from him.

Wives, the man wants love, the man wants attention, the man wants you!  If you weren’t ready to be a wife, you should had never married.  Companionship, friendship, fellowship, courtship, relationship,  are all involved in a marriage.  If you didn’t want to help navigate the ships you should had never set sail with them.  Saying, “I Do,” is more than words, it comes with sacrifice and actions!

Recognising Hallucination Relationships

The Lord kept dealing with me all night about Hallucination Relationships!

There are too many persons perceiving that someone is with them when in all reality they are not.  We are open for attacks deception and failure when we imagining that something is real when it’s not.

Sometimes our inner circle is nothing but a distorted image of reality.  When we are working in a delusional concept of a inner team that has proven to be disloyal, we are entertaining a hallucination in relationships.

We are creating a reality that doesn’t exist outside our distorted mindset.  It is often through our love of people that we lose the ability to see the real character and attitude of those that are working close to us.

There are persons we mentor or have fellowship with who are actually enemies who we have chosen because we see the good that they can develop into, but refuse to acknowledge the bad they rather walk in now.

If we don’t see the reality of their character, we will allow them to remain in a position in our life that can only bring us harm hurt and pain.  No matter how much potential we see in them, until they are willing to correct their character behavior and attitude they are who they are, and not the false image at that moment that your mind has created them to be.

You see them through your eyes of love and compassion and yes we can visualize what they are capable of becoming but the harsh reality remains that they choose to walk in the actions of betrayal and deceit against you because of some ulterior motive or secret feeling of anger jealous or hate toward you.

Often times we open ourselves up and allow ourselves to be put in vulnerable positions because we can’t accept the reality of the warfare coming against us through persons we want to believe are for us.   Be it family, friend, business partner, ministry team fellow workers in the gospel  if there is a continual display of ill will toward you, attacks projected toward you, if they hang with your enemies more than your friends, if they continue to disrespect you, set you up for failure, reveal your weakness to your adversaries, always take from you, discredit you every chance they get, and you yet defend, them keep them in a trusted position, involve them in what you do, then you are in a hallucination relationship.

You trying to create a reality that doesn’t exist.  Until you can face the facts concerning a person you will always find yourself in situations of warfare involving them.  Even though we can see the good potential in a person we can’t forget the reality of their choice to walk in the toxic character they are living.

You can love them cheer them on try to work with them but until they have a mind and heart to change and be set free they will continue to live and walk in the character they have always walked in.  There are those we truly love but we have to accept the reality of who they are and who they choose to remain to be.


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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