Recognizing the Python Spirit


Now, to Deliverance matters!  

Somebody, you need to listen to me very carefully, for I will speak to you concerning… the python spirit.  I have prayed with many who were bound and oppressed by this spirit, and when the bondage was broken, the results obtained were beyond impressive.

  • If you have done a job interview and they promised to call you back but they never did [and you are still wondering what happened], python is involved.
  • If you have gone for countless job interviews but you still do not have a job, python is involved.
  • If you have worked for months but your pay [for the period] is still being held from you for inexplicable reasons, python is involved.
  • If you have debts which you are unable to clear, python is involved.
  • If there are people who owe you a lot but they have refused to pay you no matter what you do [or threaten] to get your money back, python is involved.
  • If you are holding a job that you know is taking you nowhere [you work like an elephant but eat like an ant], python is involved.
  • If you were summarily dismissed out of your workplace without explanation, python is involved.
  • If your boss is picking on your and frustrating you [unduly] in your workplace, python is involved.
  • If you are being paid less than what you are qualified for, python is involved.
  • If you are jobless, python is involved.
  • If you have never been promoted since you joined your workplace, python is involved.
  • If you have been at one post in your workplace for years without promotion [or promotion without extra pay] python is involved.
  • If you are still waiting for a due promotion after over one year when it should have happened, python is involved.
  • If your business is stagnated, python is involved.
  • If you are adding years to your life but not adding life to your years, python is involved.

Python is a waster

  • If for the longest time you have been looking at your life as it is going nowhere [same o, same o year in year out] python is involved.
  • If you are always sick this, or sick that, and know the doctors and hospitals very well, python is involved. [remember that serpent that is on that medical logo?  Yeah?  That is python who wraps himself around his victims backbone and causes infirmity].
  • If you are experiencing a chronic lack of finances, despite your great efforts to earn a living, python is involved.
  • If you feel like your life is wasting away [being unproductive] python is involved.
  • If you are confused and cannot seem to get your act together, python is involved.
  • If you want to do nothing the whole day but sleep, python is involved.
  • If you don’t want to see people at all [you just want to be alone, like Elijah ], python is involved.
  • If your mind is very busy [thinking and thinking and thinking until you are tired from thinking nothing] python is involved.
  • If you are depressed, python is involved.
  • If you are suicidal, python is involved.
  • If you cannot dream of anything positive, python is involved.
  • If you have respiratory problems, python is involved.
  • If you have any mental diseases [or even madness], python is involved.
  • If you have seen someone who was died because of sickness, python was involved.
  • If you have incurable skin diseases, python is involved.
  • If people misunderstand you all the time and there is a lot of confusion surrounding your life, python is involved.
  • If you have ever been deceived by those who claimed to be ‘men of god’ but you later found out that they were diviners, python was involved.
  • If you are forgetful and confused in class, find it hard to pass your exams, even simple ones, python is involved.

Python is a water spirit.  That means it operates from the water.  It is also known as the ‘spirit of divination’.  The other biological name of the physical python is ‘boa constrictor’.

The spiritual python takes on the same nature of the physical python.  This is a spirit whose role is to slowly squeeze life out of its victim until it kills him or her.

Python is a water spirit and is the master of witchcraft. In other words, all of witchcraft falls under the python spirit.  Python is a principality [one of the chief spirits in the kingdom of darkness] and not just a mere demon.  It is very vicious when being dealt with in deliverance.

It is also very haughty, arrogant, and prideful.  It rules and operates from the water and is therefore a water spirit, and also has a kingdom for itself under the waters.  Python is a deadly spirit capable of causing physical harm when confronted.

When Paul and Silas dealt with this spirit [in Acts 16], the result was that they were arrested and beaten until their backs were full of stripes and much bleeding from them before they were next cast into jail.  That is just a little tidbit of how vicious python really is.

I have a book coming out soon on python, which details an understanding of the spirit and also an account of the many times I have encountered this spirit in deliverance.  I can speak so much concerning this spirit, but this is not the forum for a full disclosure.  Look forward to my coming book on this python spirit that will make you widen your eyes.

Now, there are 7 key spirits under python [who work for this principality in the life of the oppressed] and almost everyone who is affected by this spirit will manifest 6, or all 7 of them:

  1.  Frustration.
  2.  Backwardness.
  3.  Poverty.
  4.  Witchcraft.
  5.  Infirmity.
  6.  Joblessness.
  7.  Death.

All these 7 work together to reduce the quality of life in the one who has been targeted by this spirit before they can actually finish off the life of the person and deliver him or her to their master [python].

If you find a similarity in your life according to a majority of the above mentioned cases, you need to take deliverance, otherwise you will remain in bondage to this spirit for a long time, with nothing good forthcoming for you.  Those who have connected to arc international for prayers over this have seen major changes taking place in their lives.

I will mention just a few.  Some who connected, who were unfairly fired, received much better employment after prayers.  Some who had their jobs terminated and their pay withheld had all their dues paid after prayers.  Some received calls for new employment on the same day they took the deliverance prayers.  Those who were sickly have had their diseases completely disappear after prayers.  People who were owed had their debts released.  Those who owed others received money to clear their debts.

A certain young man who was depressed and suicidal suddenly received a major transformation, peace and joy, and freedom such that everyone in his workplace is commenting on his new outlook.

When you take prayers to be free from the grip of this spirit, the results are usually immediate.  With proper deliverance, there is always some immediate results, and other results that follow soon after.

Now, many think that deliverance is only for people who are seriously oppressed, but they are oblivious of the fact that to many people you can appear normal, but in actuality be very oppressed.

The Lord spoke to me concerning the need for deliverance among his people.  He said to me,  “Son, understand that there is a difference between salvation and deliverance.  I want both of them for my children.”   He said, “Salvation prepares you to be with Me in heaven, but deliverance prepares you to live out the life I designed for you to live on the earth.”

Many of god’s children are silently suffering from bondages and yokes for which The Lord already paid for on the cross.  Do not just take one part of god’s covenant package; get the full package!

You must go free, and you must take back what is yours!

This Sunday at apostolic revival church [Mfangano Trade center, 3rd floor, Mfangano St.]  I will take time and hold a special session for all who have been oppressed by this spirit.  For those of you who are in Kenya, you need to be there. Contact me via this e-mail: and let me know that you will be coming so I can prepare you for your day of freedom.

Major miracles will be taking place in your lives.  Surely, there are some bondages that you have experienced in this year that must not make it into your 2016.  Book your space and be there!

For those who are in the international arena, I will also factor you in and will let you know how I will minister to you as you reach out to me via the same e-mail.  It’s about time!

Do not suffer bondage while there is grace given by the lord to set you free.  Connect me as soon as possible.  I declare that this year will not end before you have begun to see new progress and new changes manifesting in your life, in Jesus name!

~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams
Apostolic Revival Church International, Nairobi



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  2. Encouraging Word.  I now know what I have been dealing with.  Purchased a car two years ago.  Car did not work properly, so it was returned.  The dealer promised to return my money and to date has not done so. Sent messages saying just that but nothing even with my threatening to pursue him legally, nothing.  He purports to be a Believer.

  3. Glory to God! This Word resonated with me and realize that I need deliverance from this! You described my life and couldn’t understand for a long time why I wasn’t prospering in my finances, on my job and in my businesses. I do not want to take this mess with me in 2016!

  4. Glory to God!! I and my husband need deliverance from this python spirit. I’ve been in bondage for so many years especially in my finances and sickness. This year was a the most horrible year.I do not want to take this mess with me in 2016!! How can we be delivered from this? Thank You

  5. I am a born-again Christian saved out of the Catholic Church. I would love prayer for deliverance from Python and/or Leviathan spirits. Do I need to send a separate e-mail or will this do?