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Recognizing the Python Spirit — 10 Comments

  1. yes my name is lisa i have a python spirit in my life containing fear aniety and afflictions in my body i need immediately deliverance its having me not want to go to work.

  2. Hi I am suffering mental illness and always work problems. I feel it is a spirit of phyton! How can I be free?

  3. I am a born-again Christian saved out of the Catholic Church. I would love prayer for deliverance from Python and/or Leviathan spirits. Do I need to send a separate e-mail or will this do?

  4. Glory to God!! I and my husband need deliverance from this python spirit. I’ve been in bondage for so many years especially in my finances and sickness. This year was a the most horrible year.I do not want to take this mess with me in 2016!! How can we be delivered from this? Thank You

  5. Glory to God! This Word resonated with me and realize that I need deliverance from this! You described my life and couldn’t understand for a long time why I wasn’t prospering in my finances, on my job and in my businesses. I do not want to take this mess with me in 2016!

  6. Encouraging Word.  I now know what I have been dealing with.  Purchased a car two years ago.  Car did not work properly, so it was returned.  The dealer promised to return my money and to date has not done so. Sent messages saying just that but nothing even with my threatening to pursue him legally, nothing.  He purports to be a Believer.

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