Recognizing Witchcraft

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Called to a Hard Place in the Kingdom

I want to encourage those who have been called to a hard place in the Kingdom of God!

I will never forget when God elevated the assignment on my life.  I wasn’t afraid of what He was telling me, because I always, from a little girl, wanted to be different and not like the crowd.

I knew when He spoke to me, that He wanted to use me to break traditional strongholds and denominational barriers and reconstruct the Body of Christ back into proper alignment, that I would face tremendous opposition from both men and women, because of the foundational order that has to be reestablished.

I knew some of the women would hate me because of the submission according to the order of creation establish by God, and the men would hate me because of the authority I have been given in the Kingdom by God!

Many times the persecution came in a double measure, because of the revelations that were given to me that challenged the pride in persons of leadership.

You see, God took His time and conditioned me for this walk.  It wasn’t easy, because He required great sacrifice from me and a very deep and intense commitment level.  Because of the different setbacks in life the failures I encountered, many laughed and mocked my walk and they disqualified me, because of me just being a woman, not because I was not capable of doing the assignment I was called to, but only because I had the wrong gender according to these people, to do it.

I will never forget the day one male leader told me that God wouldn’t give a woman the wisdom, knowledge, revelation and authority that I had.  He said to me, God won’t allow me to walk in that dimension because I’m a female.  I laughed in his face so hard and asked him, “When did the power of God get a gender and when did my relationship with God depend on the opinion of another person?”

I asked Him. “When did God invite him into the council of God and get His approval, when He formed me in the womb of my mother?”

When God commanded me to walk in this assignment, He said to me, so many of the men have rejected the true and pure walk of what I AM ordaining you to do.  Many forsook their mantles and many died without activating them.

These mantles must be fulfilled, for they are part of My plan for mankind.  I struggled with the part of the warfare that I knew I would face for the acceptance of the mantle I walked in.  Even today, the fight is yet on going between the genders.  It’s the battle of the sexes and the insecurity of people who, just won’t let us accept each other’s lane, and just work and win souls.

It’s my passion for souls and my burden for people that keeps me going through the hits of adversity that come, because I stand against some unnecessary yokes that are put on the people through traditional doctrines and denominational errors.

Walking in love like Jesus will attract attacks, trails, tests and persecution and obedience.  Wanting to please The LORD helps you to stand strong against the battles that rage against you!

Does it get hard?  Yes.  Do I feel alone at times?  Yes.  Do I suffer for my stand?  Yes.  Will I compromise?  No.  Will I give up?  No.  Will I bow to man’s way of thinking?  No.

I have found through the years that His grace is truly sufficient in my times of trouble heartache pain and agony.  Romans 8:28 has been one scripture that I stand on daily that no matter what I go through it’s working for my good.

Those of you in ministry, never cower down to anyone who opposes who you are in Christ and in God’s Kingdom.  Never let anybody take your identity, or strip you of your worth to God.  Never allow anyone, because they don’t understand your calling to cause you to reject the identity God has given you.

I stand strong in who I am and in whose I am.  Nobody can convince me that God has not chosen me as His vessel to be used in this hour.  Whether, they receive me or reject me does not matter.  My only concern is that I’m doing what God has spoke to me to do, and to obey all that He gives me to do!

People, get a mindset and stay focus.  Those arguments about women in ministry being a sin, is a distraction.  Let your works speak for you and stop trying to explain yourself to people who are going to oppose you anyhow!

“Helpmeet,” עֵזֶר ‛êzer, ay’-zer, means I’m going to also help fulfilled the plan of God for mankind.  Working together is so much better than fighting each other!

Emergency Births and On-Time Arrivals!

I just can’t get that sweet, sweet smell out my nostrils, that came in the service Monday night.

The presence of The LORD has been so heavy and The LORD is dealing with me so mightily.  Such a prophetic thrust taking place.  The Spirit of The LORD keeps saying to me, “A justified miracle, a divine breakthrough” and “A full measure!”

Some are receiving the overflow for their faithfulness & commitment.  I keep hearing,  “A swift move and justified judgment!”

I am hearing, “Emergency birth” and “On time arrivals!”

There is so much occurring this week and the move of God is going forth in urgency.  Some receiving goodness some being purged some correction to bring them to order.

There are swift moves taking place those that God is speaking to and they are in alignment are moving without hesitation.  Some are realizing that they are not going to be held back because they have missed the timing before.

They are not holding back neither looking or going back they are steadfast in their determination to obey The LORD.  There is a move happening and it’s not all just blessings God is requiring us to be in His order and His will so that we can make it to our destiny and purpose! I’m excited about the things God is doing right now.

Doors, windows and gates are important in this season!

Recognizing Witchcraft

The Holy Ghost won’t have you running head first into walls, busting your head wide open.

He won’t have you throwing punches, hitting people, busting lips and breaking noses.

He won’t have you twirling your head like you auditioning for the sequence to the exorcist.

He won’t have you throwing chairs breaking people limbs.

The Holy Ghost won’t have you slithering around like a snake, or barking like a dog.

He doesn’t jump up in a service and start a prayer line while the person is up preaching and prophesying.  We are hollering that things are the Spirit of The LORD, when in reality, they are works of darkness.

There are things being called acts of the supernatural, when they are acts of witchcraft.  We need to gauge everything by the Word of God and the character and attributes of God’s Spirit!

Stealing Anointings

Some people are operating off the gifts and anointings of somebody else.  

Instead of getting in prayer and seeking God for the word He wants to say to the people, some people just go onto the internet, or buy somebody else’s tapes and put a different name on the message.

Then they get upset and say the devil trying to hinder them from bringing the word forth.

No, it wasn’t the devil, it was The LORD withstanding you, because He refuses to give acceptance to your flesh and carnality.

Taking time to get in the presence of The LORD and hearing what He has to say, it’s very important.

The people don’t need entertainment in this hour, they need a word from The LORD that will change them, transform them, and give them the instructions and directions they need to be able to stay strong, walk holy and righteous, and to be pleasing to God!

In this hour, the people are demanding a real Word from The LORD that will deal with them right where they are at!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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Recognizing Witchcraft — 4 Comments

  1. Amen Apostle Barbara! This person is older so I understand that they can be a little set in their ways; however, they downplayed me for having a different belief than her of women ministers, elders, apostles and pastors. My view is that God chooses whom He wants to give His gifts and callings to because the Word says they come without repentance. She and her husband left their local church because they approved of women operating in those ministerial offices and will only go to a church that have men as pastors and leaders. That indeed was a distraction and ever since then, the Lord has been separating me from that. Thank God!

  2. Jesus please birth mu promises u spoke. Let it rain lord!!!!! Let me have my child..i want a child and husband jesus.

  3. Apostle Barbara I read your post for encouragement. Your post gives me hope. I’m at a ministry where my gifts are to be trained, but there is a Jebezel spirit in the house. I have been pondering about leaving the ministry because my leaders want call it out of their daughter. The house was full of members, now it’s down to five faithful ones that struggling to stay. You have a strong message from the Lord. I can feel the present of the Lord through the word the Lord has given you. Keep holding on the “Victory” is your against man and woman. You are an awesome Woman of God. Thanking you for posting a Prophetic word.

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