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Recognizing Witchcraft — 4 Comments

  1. Apostle Barbara I read your post for encouragement. Your post gives me hope. I’m at a ministry where my gifts are to be trained, but there is a Jebezel spirit in the house. I have been pondering about leaving the ministry because my leaders want call it out of their daughter. The house was full of members, now it’s down to five faithful ones that struggling to stay. You have a strong message from the Lord. I can feel the present of the Lord through the word the Lord has given you. Keep holding on the “Victory” is your against man and woman. You are an awesome Woman of God. Thanking you for posting a Prophetic word.

  2. Jesus please birth mu promises u spoke. Let it rain lord!!!!! Let me have my child..i want a child and husband jesus.

  3. Amen Apostle Barbara! This person is older so I understand that they can be a little set in their ways; however, they downplayed me for having a different belief than her of women ministers, elders, apostles and pastors. My view is that God chooses whom He wants to give His gifts and callings to because the Word says they come without repentance. She and her husband left their local church because they approved of women operating in those ministerial offices and will only go to a church that have men as pastors and leaders. That indeed was a distraction and ever since then, the Lord has been separating me from that. Thank God!

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