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Reformation and Revolution of The Spirit — 3 Comments

  1. We have a) the mantle of Revolution (through Brenda Rogers). b) The angel of Revolution has come (through Susan O’Marra). I have been a disability pensioner since 1994. Is that long enough? I have fallen through suicide. I have fallen outside of the Australian health system. Lately, I have been falling on the floor. I have to use a walking stick because of headache.

    The Lord spoke to me about the word “therefore.” If a) and b), therefore c). My point is that b) angel can help us to use a) mantle to accomplish c) Revolution. I decree, d) in the Year of the Decree, “Grace, grace (name of a politician in Brisbane; gold nugget 5.5kg discovered in Australia; Zechariah 4:7) to accomplish Revolution c)” (through Mary Lindow).

    If 2020 is the d) Year of the Mouth (by extension, the Decree) and the 2019 Melbourne Cup winner is e) “Vow and Declare” and the f) “Cup” speaks of mouth, therefore c) Revolution. Oops, the Cross therefore c) Revolution. Mary, please help me to get up again.

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