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  1. Glory Hallelujah! Repentance is a necessity for the believer to cut off the friendship with the world, carnality and church tradutiins. That time is over! Many have fallen from the faith and I am repentant about my anger toward those who my flesh had been clinging to. Lord forgive me for making flesh my arm. This time is sweet communion as we prepare for Ephesians 4:11. blessings prophets many have ears to hear!!!

  2. Yesterday I was just crying as God shows similar, those smooth on the outside.

    Then He leads me to a You-Tube message that shocked me HOW CAN YOU BE HAPOY IN HEAVEN WITH YOUR LOVED ONES IN hell? R. C. Sprout, 2015 Ligonier Ministries

    We can’t sleep in these season, we got to love them in, bless our enemies. Not easy! But Ap. Paul Eph 1 & 3 prayers are encouraging me.

    Be strong IN The Lord saints and IN the power of His Might. Don’t forget TO REJOICE ALWAYS: in stripes, shipwreck etc

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  3. A must need it Call to be responded by all The BREATHERNS on earth, AMÉN,


    ACT 1 to 9

    JR 26

    AM 7

    EZ 24

    IS 57

    PS 7

    EX 32

    RV 2

    1 CHR 21

    LV 18

    LM 6


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