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Revival Now (Pt. 2) — 2 Comments

  1. The Lord will spit out the lukewarm. So where is the support for ‘once saved, always saved?’ It is a false doctrine.

  2. A message call united men’s forces of FAITH to confront the Number 55, mentioned from ♥♥♥HIS HIGHEST CALL♥♥♥ to Group Up as part of ♥♥♥HIS ARMY in earth♥♥♥.
    It’s the first step readiness call on this hours of “FAITH” righteousness top stop the 13 types BEAST shown in the ancient scrolls, used against America and earth. 
    Your two messages experiences match my intercession made since 2016, seeing the destiny coming the current times. Were amazing then, but Remnant truth received specially by end 2017, with long meditation on my privacy room with ♥♥♥HIM♥♥.
    Wife also sensed same call from ♥♥♥HIM♥♥♥..!
    Not practice any media by ♥♥♥HIS orders♥♥♥, but would love read in deepness Your personal today’s views. I BELIEVE on Your searing messages this morning. AMÉN..!

    Sabbath, best time to be with ♥♥♥HIM♥♥♥ learning ♥♥♥HIS♥♥♥ ways total concepts.


    JMS 1

    PR 3

    HEB 1-7

    1 TH 5

    JR 29

    PS 91

    JB 42

    RV 9-11

    AC 7

    LK 18

    MK 6-12

    PS 13

    AMÉN..! expecting several answers from ♥♥♥Selah directly of HIM♥♥♥ AMÉN, AMÉN….!

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