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  1. All its about, how much we Trust ♥♥♥HIM♥♥♥ by our FAITH OBEDIENCE surrendered AMÉN fully..! SHALOM by ♥♥♥HIS SELAH WORDS sent to us from above♥♥♥; and THANKSGIVING all the WISDOMS WILL’S. AMÉN..!

  2. Would you like to see a sign? Cyclone Yasi cross the coast of Queensland at Mission Beach. If you reverse the letters of “Yasi” you get I SAY. Cyclone Yasi was a mighty, rushing wind that caused $800 million damage. Miraculously, this cyclone did not cause any deaths. A person died due to inhaling the fumes of a generator, but cyclones don’t have exhaust pipes.

    Yes there will be a harvest. Part of the church will be unfaithful (prostitute) and part of the church will be faithful (bride). The Lord will use the faithful church to bring in the harvest. The unfaithful church will join the interfaith religion. God will not anoint the interfaith religion (the virgins without oil; Matt 25:8). Will people listen to the Holy Spirit or will they listen to the pope?

  4. The coming revival will make all wheat. It is not a time of culling. It is a time of harvest.  God is not willing that any should perish, but that all would come to repentance.

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