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  2. The definition of revival that came to me, including the corresponding numbers, is as follows:


    The sign of the revival in Queensland, Australia, is a politician in Brisbane whose name is “Grace Grace.” The revival will become a revolution and the number “8” is comprised of 2 circles. Cyclone Niran, a mighty rushing wind, was cat 5. Niran (modern spelling Na’aran) developed off the coast of Queensland has Strong’s number 5295. 


  3. Hallelujah, amen. So resonate in my spirit that tears were close. My theme at present is new life, resurrection life, renewal, revival, restoration, restitution. God is bringing things back to their beautiful state. Beauty for ashes. Hallelujahaaaaaaa praise God and thank you so much Prophetess for being available for God to speak so powerfully through you. May Hec continue to use you mightily andbuild you up

  4. Deborah!!! I’ve been seeing Eagles everywhere!! I drove hours to my parents the of week of the football playoffs and a HUGE Bald Eagle flew across the freeway straight in front of my vehicle!! The Eagles won the playoffs!! The promise to me of the Lord for, going on 30 years, is Isaiah 35…THE JOY OF THE REDEEMED!!!
    On the way home the same Eagle at the same place circled the sky above me!!! I saw 2 bald Eagles with my friend as soon as I got back to the city!!
    The day of the Superbowl while driving home with my husband I told him I wanted the Eagles to win because the Lord is speaking, as soon as we brought it up we looked up and SURE ENOUGH!!! A HUGE BALD EAGLE CIRCLING ABOVE OUR VEHICLE!! THIS IS A TRUE STORY!!!
    The Eagles didn’t win the game, but as we started watching the Holy Spirit quickened to me that their score would be 35!!! And guess what their score was…35!!!

  5. I woke up this morning, Ash Wednesday 2023, just as dawn was breaking, there was a silhouette of a cloud against the sky that was in the shape of a huge eagle about to grab it’s prey.  I remember Feeling like today’s a brand New day, like a second chance at life, life renewed, starting fresh, the old is gone, the New is here!!!
    This is after decades of stagnancy & uproductivity in ALL areas of my life.  Felt like the enemy had clamped down upon me and wouldn’t let go.  The latest being unable to breathe for past couple months increasing to a point where I felt like I was shut in a coffin and couldn’t get out, I felt this even though I’d be standing in sunshine outside.  Taking care of myself and family was impossible.
    I called his bluff and continued claiming scriptures.

    During the Asbury Revival, the Lord told me to listen to the live streaming.  Whilst praising & worshipping the Lord, I did not feel the need to petition for anything even though by that time I thought I could not bear it any longer.  I surprisingly managed to fast for 7 hours as well.  Around an hour into it my breathing difficulties ceased completely.  This is the second day and I feel like my usual self.
    Yesterday, I cleaned out my prayer room dusting and all and washed our small very dusty terrace to make a place for me to spend time in nature communing with the Lord.  My family was holding their breath and kept checking to see what changed.
    I hadn’t showered in over a month due to severe wheezing, only sponge baths, my room was filthy, no chores undertaken but dependant on others.  My shoulders couldn’t touch the pillow coz laying back would cause me to cough but that night I slept soundly in months.
    The Lord gave me Is 43:19 around five years ago when I was going through the worst trial of my life.  It has now come to pass.  I keep thinking of the color purple & gold, The Ark Of The Covenant, Royal Priesthood. Like He is about to bestow our Mantles upon us.
    From hell on earth to being seated at the banqueting table in the presence of our enemies..PS 23
    Hang in there saints, Change is Already here

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