Rising Tides


“The floods have lifted up, O LORD, The floods have lifted up their voice; The floods lift up their waves.  The LORD on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, than the mighty waves of the sea”   Psalm 93:3-4 NKJV.

“The tide of tumult and upheaval is rising in the earth.  But I am the Great Dispossessor and Deliverer.  I will cause many who have struggled and been worn to be refreshed and I will dispossess the enemy of your soul from the ground he has stolen.  And I will DELIVER many who have been in darkness, into the light of My glory !
There is NOTHING that I cannot do !
There is nothing I cannot change !
There is noone that I cannot save and change !
How small so many of My people make me !
How small and impotent they think I am.
Have you not seen ? Have you not heard ?
Do you think the blood I shed so insignificant ?
There is NOTHING that can stop what I purpose to do !”

“Have you not known?  Have you not heard?  Has it not been told you from the beginning?  Have you not understood from the foundations of the earth?  It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers, Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them out like a tent to dwell in.  He brings the princes to nothing; He makes the judges of the earth useless.
Scarcely shall they be planted, Scarcely shall they be sown, Scarcely shall their stock take root in the earth, when He will also blow on them, and they will wither, and the whirlwind will take them away like stubble”   Isaiah 40:21-24 NKJV.

“It is I Who plants, and I Who reaps in this harvest of all harvests.  I am perfecting My Bride, and when I am finished, there will be a whole new church, a living, breathing organism with a heart again like Mine.  AM I SO WEAK, that I cannot accomplish this ?  Do you have so little trust in My ability to change that pastor, that neighbor, that addicted person, that perverted person, that child, that teenager, that homeless person ?

THE GLORY OF THE LORD WILL FILL THE EARTH I’VE SAID !  Do you believe it ?  Will you die to your opinions ?  Will you ask Me for MY OPINION ?  Will you PRAY for the ones who have hurt you ?  Will you ask ME for the measure of love you need to love those who have used you and hated you ?  I love all mankind. I love that one that annoys you !  I love that one that has rejected you !  I love that one that has hurt you !  I love that one that has rebelled against you !  I know all things.  I alone know the heart of that one, and all it has had to bear !  Come to ME when you have a problem with someone and ask for MY EYES to see with !  Ask to see them with My heart, to feel their pain.  Ask what has come against them to make them that way, and I will give you the heart to pray effectively for them.
I will supply the compassion you need to understand them !

Ask and you shall receive !  Knock and the door will be opened to you !

Lay down all your own ideas and come and ask for MINE !  I’m not interested in your opinion.  I know from whence it comes!  I know the hurts.  I know the pain.  I know the oppression you have suffered and I know the oppression they have suffered.  I know what you DON’T know about that other person.  So come.  Come and I will give you MY heart if you will only ask for it !  And you will weep, and your heart will be broken, like Mine is for all those who are unhealed and undelivered.  And now when you pray for them, you will see change !

I AM the MIGHTY ONE OF ISRAEL. NOTHING is too hard for ME !

Yes, there will be those who refuse My love, and My ways.  Ask Me and I will show you the reprobate heart.  Ask and I will show you who to pray for and who not to pray for.  I know all things.  I know the very thoughts of your heart.  So lean on ME for understanding and wisdom.  I love you and you will see your joy made complete in this hour. Sons and daughters will return.

Children will have visitations and be taken to heaven.  You will see great and mighty wonders in heaven and in the earth.  I will make a DISPLAY of My power that the world will have no excuse for ignoring.  For those who choose to go their own way, do not gloat or disdain them.  I have no joy in the demise of their souls.  Be thankful that your name is written in the Book of Life !”

“I have set thee for a tower and a fortress among my people, that thou mayest know and try their way.  They are all grievous revolters, walking with slanders: they are brass and iron; they are all corrupters.  The bellows are burned, the lead is consumed of the fire; the founder melteth in vain: for the wicked are not plucked away.  Reprobate silver shall men call them, because the LORD hath rejected them”   Jeremiah 6:27-30 KJV.

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting;  being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers,  backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,  undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful;  who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them”  Romans 1:28-32 NKJV.

“To the pure all things are pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure; but even their mind and conscience are defiled.  They profess to know God, but in works they deny Him, being abominable, disobedient, and disqualified for every good work”   Titus 1:15-16 NKJV.


God bless you,
~  Priscilla

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  1. Jeremiah 32:27 (NKJV)
    “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?