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  1. EXACTLY!!!!
    Years and Years ago when I first came to Jesus
    In a Reality of True Knowing
    I read a write by someone talking about
    How the Lord has many of HIS in
    “The Harness of the Lord.”
    It spoke to Me tho little did I know
    the Reality of How HE was going to use and
    train Me in the decades ahead.
    ( good thing I didn’t lol )
    It spoke of how HE trained certain ones
    to Only do HIS Commands Obey Only HIS Voice
    and so so much in depth.
    Others ran free in the fields tho they knew HIM.
    Laughing at the ones who chose to only move
    when HE commanded.
    Your Word Speaks the Way of it.
    Your Word is Full of Truth and
    May All be Encouraged and
    take Heed to this Word.
    Guide us Holy Spirit.
    Keep us Strong and Obedient to HIM.

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