Seeds of Obligation, or of Promise?

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Our Deaf and Dumb Spirit

The Spirit of The Lord spoke tonight in Westpoint and said, ITS TIME TO GET RID OF YOUR DEAF AND DUMB SPIRIT!  There is a sound that is released in this hour by God, but many can’t hear it because their ears are closed and the voice of God either can’t be heard or is so muffled, until they can’t understand it.

Too many people are believing the lies of the enemy and when God does speak they play dumb, like God they don’t comprehend what He is saying.  Our ears of enlightenment, and understanding has to be open in this season so that we will know His will and ways upon the earth.

Thank you Apostle Rodgers and Dr Monica Harris and Prophet Dan Griffin and the HOP family for allowing me to go forth in the will of God!

To False Prophets…

THIS IS FOR THOSE PROPHETS WHO CUSS ME OUT WHEN I DON’T RECEIVE THEIR LIES:  Please get somewhere and sit down while you practicing how to prophesy.

Don’t come to a season Prophet stumbling over your words, misquoting the bible, and saying things that are against the word of God.  Find somebody else to play with.

The Spirit of The Lord knows the word of God.  He is not going to misquote a scripture, and you, speaking in ten thousand tongues, don’t make your lie real.  You talking about you having visitations every day from angels, but you’re prophesying in one sentence and using profanity in the next.

The Lord is not going to have you quoting the word in one breath and cussing people out in the next.  Get somewhere and sit down until you get some deliverance with your filthy mouth and perverse tongue.  One thing a true Prophet knows is the word and a Seasoned Prophet first lesson to anyone that is chosen as a Prophets is to teach the word of God to all those in their care.

Their training consists of more teaching of the word of God then trying to show you how to prophesy.  They teach you discipline how to hear the voice of God.  They drill you in the importance of obedience humility submission and servanthood.  They teach you to learn God hearts and how to walk in unconditional love toward everybody.  These people now calling themselves Prophets just want to say something and don’t know what they saying just want somebody to hear them and want to seem important.

Nobody has time for foolishness in this hour.  It’s about to get so real in this season the war is on!  The Prophets Mantle is not for a show neither is it something to be played with!

Come to me in your flesh, I’m going to not only address your demons, I’m going to call them by name and cast them out!

The job a God’s leaders…

As a leader, we have to address situations according to the word of God and not according to our emotions and relationship with people.  When leaders endorse rebellion or come into agreement with the unrighteous behavior of others then they have open the door wider for the enemy to continue to have a passage into that person life.

It is the job of leadership, to bring the necessary correction and guidance to get the out of order vessel back in line with the word and will of God.  When we justify their behavior and encourage them to continue to walk contrary to the ways of God and cause them to shipwreck we are held accountable for them by God.

Rebuking correcting and discipline are necessary for the person to recognize that their behavior is unacceptable in the sight of God.  So many are out of order in the Body of Christ because someone in leadership did not stand in firmness and authority and tell them that they are wrong.

We make them think that they are anointed and powerful and sometimes even tell them that people are jealous of them or fighting against them because of their anointing when in fact their character is ugly and they lack integrity.

I have seen leadership tell persons to rise up against their leader, to come up against those in authority, just to keep a relationship formed with that individual, because of something that person supplies to their life.  No amount of money or anything else should control a leader and cause them to come into agreement with someone’s sins or nasty behavior or out of order character.

I’m so disappointed in how the enemy causes leaders to bow to the people for monetary and material gain.  We may have to handle those we must discipline and correct in different manners because of their dimension of maturity but we never never overlook those things they do that are displeasing to God.

As a leader we must not allow our emotions to get us in a unfavorable position with God because of our lack of correcting things that are out of order in the lives of the people.  When we promote bad behavior and justify these vessels we put ourselves in the position to also be included in their judgment!

Taking on Illegal Battles

Some people have taken on an illegal battle.  That wasn’t your fight but it was someone else warfare you became entangled in.  Some demons you are fighting belong to someone else!

Don’t let the enemy cause you to get involve with others battle!

A New Season a New Covenant!

The Spirit of The Lord know He moved in the house on tonight in Westpoint, MS.  The word of The Lord tonight was, GOD IS ESTABLISHING A NEW COVENANT WITH YOU!

Sometimes we become impatient waiting on the promise of God and implement our own way of His word coming to pass.  After Abram and Sarai messed up, then God spoke to him again, at ninety nine years old, and reminded him that His prophesy was coming to pass.

Then He changed their names to let them know the old had been pass away and a new covenant was being established.  There are times in our lives when we need to repent for trying to help God bring things to pass.  New season new covenant!!!

Prophets are NOT above correction by the Lord

SOME WILL NOT LIKE THIS:  Some of you thought The Lord said, prophesy, when in reality He said park it to the side.

You can’t give a word from The Lord, when you can’t even hear The Lord.  First, get that deceiving wax out your ear and get a prayer life and stop eating so much and get your spirit in a place of surrender.  You say you hearing God to release a word to tell people they need to get right to tell the world judgment coming but you can’t hear Him when He telling you to humble yourself to submit to leadership to give Him a greater sacrifice to love your enemies.

A Prophet hears for themselves first to keep their spirit attitude and character in order, so that flesh and carnal imaginations won’t get mixed with the will of God.

How are you hearing so much from The Lord having angelic visitations and not one angel told you The Lord is not pleased with your attitude and actions?  How are you judging everybody else, but yet don’t see the things out of order in your own life?

It’s important that we understand that we as a leader are not above being corrected.  God constantly rebukes corrects and maintains that His prophets keep a humble and obedient spirit.

This is to keep them from becoming prideful and full of self righteousness because of the things He reveals to them.  So often, I see those whom God uses to speak a word, begin to feel as if they are above others.  Because God uses them, they begin to feel they can bless and curse people at their own will.

I have seen them speak words of judgment against people because either they hurt them, or didn’t receive their words that they release.  They begin to take their position and use it as a way to control people, or to want people to be afraid of them.  They begin to slip into different realms of prophetic darkness, by now operating as a worker of iniquity and divination because now they speaking from their emotions flesh and human mindset.

Prophets must be careful that they don’t misuse the scripture that says, “Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm,”  by using it to as a weapon to make people submit to them.

God is not trying to make the Prophets an idol or to seem as if they are a god, but if a Prophet is not careful, they will begin to exalt themselves above others, and make people think they are just as important as God.

Seeds of Obligation, or of Promise?

GOING IN DEEP NOW:  Some of you have not received a harvest because you gave a SEED OF OBLIGATION rather than a SEED OF PROMISE!

Obligated seeds are given because of your connection to someone, or because maybe someone spoke a word to you, or because you are forced to by someone.  These seeds have no guarantee of a return because they were sowed from carnality and fleshly motivations.

But a seed of promise is a God directed seed with instructions as to when where and how much to release a certain God ordained harvest.  This seed carries the weight of God’s glory and the power of His word.  It will produce suddenlies and expected blessings with it.

Next time you get ready to sow, ask yourself which seed are you sowing!  Know the when, where, how, and to whom, you are to sow seeds to!

REMEMBER:  An offering can be given everywhere and to anyone, but a seed has to know it’s timing and season and the amount of seeds to sow, in order to produce a abundant crop.  In other words, you can’t plant a hundred dollar seed in a thousand dollar soil, (Not expecting all to understand, but seed sowers have this revelation)!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


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  1. I thank God Almighty for your life Barbara.
    Thank you for opening me my spiritual eyes. I am learning everyday day new things to you my beloved sister. Once again thank you for realising awesome words, the sound of heaven! This is powerful! Thank you for the clarity and teaching! You are my divine helper! I am so touched. I love you my dearest.God bless you! AMEN