Shalom and Israel

2 Words in 1



There are many trials in this world.
There is much pain.
There is great turmoil.
There is overwhelming sadness.
There is intense grief.

Many have become anxious and fearful.
Many wonder if anyone can or will turn the tide.

In these times I am reminded of the power of just one word from our God.

With a word He hung the stars in the heavens.
With a word He brought light.
With a word He brought life to this planet.
With a word He breathed life into man.

With such overwhelming historical evidence as to the power of just one word from our God, I speak a word in agreement with His perfect will. “SHALOM.”

I proclaim shalom to silence the physical and spiritual storms.

I proclaim shalom over physical sickness.

I proclaim shalom over the hearts of men.

I declare that there is no depression or anxiety in God’s economy. The only words Jesus ever spoke regarding such things were, “Fear not…”
I don’t know what difficulties you may be facing but regardless of their nature, my words are the same.

Fear not, for the God who hung the heavens and the earth is the LORD of the storm and He is the only one who knows you so well as to keep track of the very hairs on your head. So in response to these trials I speak a word.  That word is, “SHALOM.”
May the LORD bless you.


In a recent poll conducted, Americans were asked their opinions regarding the Obama administration and the nation of Israel.  The question, “Do you believe Obama will abandon Israel and turn policy harshly against them?”  met with a 47.4% response of “yes.”
(compared with 38.4% who disagree and 14.2% who are uncertain)

It is a sad statement and I would venture to say it is unprecedented.  Yet on this day I am proud to announce another unprecedented event.  On March 24th Arizona signed Resolution 1019 into law.  The resolution states that we, the 48th state, “commends the nation of Israel for its cordial and mutually beneficial relationship with the United States and the State of Arizona.”

As I share these words I’m filled with joy.  Although our national leadership has chosen to turn their backs on Israel, Arizona lawmakers have expressed themselves in a resounding statement to the contrary.  Clearly not everyone agrees with Barak Obama’s position…  and I praise God for that.

Will Arizona’s bold gesture inspire other states to follow suit?  I certainly hope so.  As our nation is precariously perched on the precipice of great turmoil, such boldness is what I call heroic.  In whatever state you live, I urge you to contact your elected representative and urge them to stand with Israel.


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon is a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!



Shalom and Israel — 2 Comments

  1. Hi!  God Blessyou.  The strangest thing is that i have been thinking about relocating to the state of Arizona!  It gets stronger each day and week.  I currently live in CA. I want to seek God first regarding this. Please stand with me in prayer over this.  I also thank you and a state for pledging and proclaiming support for Israel.

  2. God Bless Israel
    God Bless Arizona!

    I live in Europe. I have the last year prayed to God that He might rise up strong righteous men and women in this world. Men and women of His heart.

    Perhaps we see the beginning of it, because now it is dividing times.