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  1. Hi! I had just experienced some difficult behavior from someone God has in my life in an ongoing , really life-long situation that God is delivering me out of. Like Joseph, I have suffered at their hands, but bc of it I will also be used by Him to rescue them out of it as well as hep save many other people. Anyway, I prayed about it and felt God’s reassurance that yes, He is delivering me just as He promised, through a certain set of circumstances He told me will come and that I feel I am on the verge of. Anyway, then He told me to come to this site and I would feel better. I did, and there was this article. How did that happen? I don’t know. It’s not a new article, and I looked at the ones I had bookmarked several times and it’s not there either. I randomly clicked on one of the saved articles to come to the site…..Thank you for sharing what you did and to God be all the glory!  God is moving in great and unprecedented ways now, and that the whole world truly is in His hands! Even though we may have waited for a very long time for His promise, in my case from 1995, the year I turned 20, and another one from the time I was 11. He is faithful and He will always do what He says in His love for us. Love in Him, 加油- it means “add oil” in Chinese, as in you can do it! And we can with God by our side!

  2. Shame is vital for self-improvement and not to be disgarded because God loves us.  Many tell others, “accept yourself the way you are”.  This is terrible advise to give someone when they are hurting. Change in behavior is needed as their emotional pain is the result of how they are behaving. If someone is behaving badly, dont’t try and spin the truth by telling them God loves them.  Of course He does, but He also requires repentance. If one doesn’t want to feel like a turkey, they need to stop acting like a turkey.

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